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"Alex Brunetti" wrote in

If you say so, you should demonstrate that Black din't play h7 x
something-at-g6 or f6 x something-at-g5.
So, the easiness is not so easy

I don't want to be a spoilsport, but from neither the board nor the FEN
you can deduct an en passant possibility.

If the position is:

b1b1bR1B/1b1b1P1k/b1b1N2p/1Q1R1KpP/8/8/4P1P1/8 w - g6 0 1

Then it's mate in one.

With the board on the site and the FEN you posted it's mate in three after
1. Bg7 Bxe6+ 2.Kf6 some bishop capture and 3. Rh8#


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