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Default CHEOPS 1.2 -- An AI chess engine -- released on 2015-02-01


In article , Rainer wrote:
On 03/02/2015 12:47, Tristan Miller wrote:
CHEOPS 1.2 -- An AI chess engine -- released on 2015-02-01

CHEOPS (CHEss OPponent Simulator), or Χεοψ, is a fully-functional AI
chess program capable of human vs. human, human vs. computer, and
computer vs. computer play. It uses a 64-square linear array board
representation. The game tree search is alpha-beta, and the static
evaluation function considers material, mobility, and motif features.
CHEOPS comes with extensive documentation on the program internals,
aimed at students or programmers wishing to understand or extend the

Hard to believe that this isn't 20 years old, lol

It's 17 years old, as a matter of fact, though I don't see why that's so
much easier to believe than 20.


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