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Default CHEOPS 1.2 -- An AI chess engine -- released on 2015-02-01


In article ,
well he's probably suggesting it is a 'clone',
in other words you started with older code from
someone else (without mentioning the original program)
So if that's the case, you 'borrowed' some code,
it should be mentioned ie via the gpl licensing and so on.
That's all, because 'clones' arent so popular
nowadays, eg since the rybka affair(s).

If that's really what he's suggesting, then he couldn't be more wrong.
Every line of code in CHEOPS was written entirely by myself. The console
output is rather bare-bones and therefore resembles similar text-mode
engines such as GNU Chess, though as the source code for both is freely
available under the GPL it's trivial to check and see that there's no


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