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Originally Posted by haansgruber View Post
However, none of this is the real issue here. What "is" the issue, is that government violated his "supposed" rights (according to their own insane scribblings) by breaking into the premises without a "supposed" warrant, they thereby rendered all of the "supposed" evidence collected/seized as "fruit of the poison tree," or inadmissable against him in the "supposed" court proceedings (they also lied/purjered themselves in court testimonies). They claimed they were invited in. However, the photos clearly indicate the degree of damage to the door/frame, which proves beyond any shadow of a doubt, that was not the case. So, there was nothing in that apartment which we should then, or now even be discussing, period! The whole trial was illegal from the moment they broke in, in violation of "thier own procedural rules and regulations". That's the entire crux of the case. Nothing more, nothing less. And the police, the courts & government wonder why people lack respect for them. It is because the more brazen they get, the more evident it becomes that they are criminals themselves.

Special thanks to Sam Sloan for bringing this thread into being.

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he let them in, after a 20 minute negotiation on the phone. I cant imagine why he didnt disassemble the weapons and put them ALL in a closed closet after wiping prints off them and leave down an emergency exit to meet them in the parking lot of the apartment building where they were assembled. He had to have been thinking about using the 2 he left on the bed.....he even said it in his initial interview with them after he was arrested which you can see if you read that entire 233 trial transcript which I actually just bothered to do yesterday....he asked me to read a long time ago but my kids were young and I was busy and it's not like he was getting out anytime soon so yeah, I just read it.

The entire thing makes me wonder about his mental state at the time.....I am worried about him, even still....especially recently....because he will be out soon.....I do hope he does what he needs to do to STAY out this time.