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Default Worst. Chess. Variant. Idea. EVER!

In trying to revise and improve my idea of Dynamic Scoring, to bring
Komidashi to Chess, and make it as entertaining as it was before
Steinitz, I came up with the following:
At the start of a Chess game, also place 32 poker chips on the board,
one on each of the unoccupied squares. Then, play Chess by the
normal rules, but whenever a player is the first to move a piece to one
of those squares, he also takes the chip on it.
If the game would otherwise be a draw, the player with the most chips
A number would be added to how many chips Black has, just like Komidashi!
Obviously, this is a horrible idea. While Ticket to Ride makes good use
of its "longest train" rule, just as dice chess was rejected in the
infancy of the game, this also is antithetical to the spirit of Chess
as a game of pure skill.
John Savard