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Default Child Prodigy defeats World Champion.

On 07/12/2017 09:43, Offramp wrote:

Stockfish lost to AlphaZero, the new kid on the block.

Stockfish scored +0 -28 =72.

In 100 games AlphaZero scored 25 wins and 25 draws with White, while
with Black it scored 3 wins and 47 draws.

It didn't lose a game, with the final score 64:36.

Now that AlphaZero is all the rage, it's time to put some things into

1. AlphaZero ran on superior hardware which should be worth much more
than a +102 Elo performance. So we cannot say that AlphaZero is the
stronger chess engine.

2. The testing conditions are unclear. I have the suspicion that they
were not fair for Stockfish. Hikaru Nakamura also expressed his doubts,
so it isn't just me.

3. There is nothing new about neural networks or machine learning. Even
AlphaZero's blank slate approach has been tried before. What is new is
the gigantic amount of hardware thrown at the problem.

4. Currently it is not imaginable how AlphaZero could be made to run on
commodity desktop hardware. Perhaps in 10 years GPUs might be fast
enough to run the software. The training phase of the neural network,
however, will require a supercomputer for quite some time to come.