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Default I am reprinting "The Tactical Grob" by Claude Bloodgood

On Friday, December 11, 2009 at 10:40:47 AM UTC-8, samsloan wrote:
I am reprinting "The Tactical Grob" by Claude Bloodgood.

The Grob is the name of the chess opening that begins with 1.g4.

Claude Bloodgood wrote the book while on Death Row in Virginia due to
an unfortunate butcher knife accident.

He was not executed however because, later on, the US Supreme Court
declared the death penalty unconstitutional.

This book has been almost impossible to obtain. For years I have been
dying to get it.

The ISBN Number will be 4-87187-866-X.

I selected that number because he was X-rated. Also, he was 86ed from
society. Also, the 66 in the number is part of 666.

When the book is printed in a week or so, it will be available at the
following addresses.

Sam Sloan

I did not change my opinion. I played Bloodgood a tournament game in the Virginia Open in about 1958 when I was 13. Although Bloodgood won, he was a 1600 player. The remark about "hard work" was a sarcastic reference to rating manipulation.