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By Larry Parr

I received the following note from David Levy's ex-wife, who also is Raymond
Keene's sister. After divorcing Mr. Levy she married Richard Eales, author of
CHESS: THE HISTORY OF A GAME (Facts On File Publications, 1985). Once again, I
cannot vouch for the authenticity of her allegations.

Once again I take no sides in this dispute. My hope is to facilitate a
reconciliation between David and Raymond, two men I respect who have made
tremendous contributions to the royal game. I wish they could work together as
a team for the good of chess instead of rehashing their past disputes.

In a message dated 12/26/2003 4:04:16 AM Pacific Standard Time,

Dear Sam [Sloan] and Larry [Parr],

For some time i have been the recipient of e-mails concerning the dispute
between David Levy and Ray Keene. I have read these with interest, since as
many of your readers will know, I was married to David for 17 years and I am
Ray 's sister. Your readers might also like to know that David has a track
record of sharp business practices.

There was the famous occasion , when he instructed his staff to remove valuable
computers and other items from his offices at 39 Store Street London WC1 at
midnight to avoid the bailiffs taking them.

On another occasion, when he was abroad on one of his numerous lengthy
"business" trips (as referred to by Bjorn Bjornssson in his email ) the
bailiffs actually called at our London home and I had to dissuade them from
seizing my possessions to pay off David's bad debts.

I could give many other examples, but I know David well enough to inform your
readers that his attacks on Ray are a means of deflecting attention from his
own business failures.

with best wishes,

Dr. Jacqueline Eales