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Default What's happening lately with these newsgroups?

"mafergut" wrote in message
Hi all chess fans and polite posters from these newsgroups

First of all, sorry for crossposting but I think what I'll write applies
equally to the three ng's.
Is it me or in the last weeks this newsgroups are full of spam, nonsense,
cracking and other worthless **** posting? It is increasingly difficult to
discern the useful ans serious posts from the nauseating volume of crap
generated. My killfiles are also increasing but it seems not to be useful

I know its like shouting in the desert but I would like all this to
dissapear. Perhaps the best action is to simply ignore it, but it annoys

in the extreme, to the point of beginning to consider to stop reading



It is the simple growth and evolution of Usenet. I have been on Usenet since
the beginning, and in the beginning its intention was to share collegiate
information between schools and/or departments. Since it was "open" to all
domains, those domains started to buy and setup their own news-server. Sys
ops decided what would be propagated to their machines, and what would not.
As commercial domain (ISPs) users discovered Usenet, we found a large
insurgents of "newbies" into Usenet. As everybody and their brother stated
setting up news-servers, domains and groups added every possible different
kind of group you could imagine.

There has always been "Netiquette", in fact, that term was born on Usenet.
In the early days there were also "charters" to dictate behavior, and soon
after that, "FAQs" which sometimes included conduct guidelines. But as the
net grew, users found that their ISPs didn't really care about conduct on
Usenet...short of something proven illegal, ISPs did nothing about conduct
on Usenet, and even then some would do nothing...unless forced by law

Usenet today has evolved into seespool of spammers, flamers, and OT posts,
because ISPs will not force their users to comply. And why should
they...that would mean they lose a paying customer to another ISP...who of
course doesn't force compliance.

It is the nature of the beast, and something we have to live with. Kill
files and message rules work well, but I have also found many are moving
over to moderated web-based sites that are topic specific.

Some continue to "crusade" against user who violate by complaining to their
ISP, but I have never seen any positive result from any ISP.

Looks like we just have to deal with it...