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Thomas T. Veldhouse
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Default What's happening lately with these newsgroups?

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:42:30 +0100, "mafergut"

Hi all chess fans and polite posters from these newsgroups

First of all, sorry for crossposting but I think what I'll write applies
equally to the three ng's.
Is it me or in the last weeks this newsgroups are full of spam, nonsense,
cracking and other worthless **** posting? It is increasingly difficult to
discern the useful ans serious posts from the nauseating volume of crap
generated. My killfiles are also increasing but it seems not to be useful

I know its like shouting in the desert but I would like all this to
dissapear. Perhaps the best action is to simply ignore it, but it annoys me
in the extreme, to the point of beginning to consider to stop reading these


Yes, it is much worse ... but somebody is taking the time to do this
for some reason. Might be best to track down who it is and send the
obligatory abuse email to their ISP or USENET provider. On the bright
side, Agent is allowing me to keep up with those fools nicely, so I
don't have access to any posts to aid in tracking.

Tom Veldhouse