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Louis Blair
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Default 200 Words by Lev Khariton - "My Chess Predecessors"

tomic wrote (Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:05:21 +0200):

Delegates accepted the first Fischer's claim to play without limit
of the game numbers (37:33). But, the second Fischer's claim
was refused. That was Fischer's claim that he detain the title if
the result in match would be undecided, 9:9. That claim was
refused with 35:32 and 3 votes were retired. You know that
Fischer's demand was used by other WCC (e.g. Botvinnik,

I know of no world championship match played by Botvinnik
or Lasker where the challenger had to finish two points ahead
of the champion in order to cause the champion to lose his title.
It is true that Lasker sought such a rule, but that was at a time
when there was no FIDE that was in a position to take the title
away from a champion who sought inappropriate rules. There
are also those who think that there was a secret conspiracy to
fool the public about the rules of the 1910 Lasker-Schlechter
match, but nothing has been found that confirms this.

tomic wrote (Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:05:21 +0200):

It's obviously that Fischer was not afraid of Karpov. By
the way, you can see Chessmetric evaluation of the strength
Karpov and Fischer in 1975. The difference was too big ...

By 1975, Fischer had been away from serious chess for
three years. Human emotions, especially Fischer emotions,
are not necessarily governed by chessmetrics.

By the way, sorry about my Kasparov/Karpov mix-up.