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dan foley
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Default Brilliant Blunders (or Unintentional Brilliancies)

Some years ago I was paired with a CM in a weekend swiss and had a
most unusual game (I would give the score but can't find it). I
gambited a pawn in the opening, and got some compensation in the form
of piece activity and the bishop pair - but my opponent (seemingly)
defended well and began to stablize the position, forcing a queen
trade. I began to get nervous. At the critical moment of the game,
he exchanged pawns and I unthinkingly played the most obvious
recapture. Only then did I realize he could initiate an exchange
leading to a knight fork that won the exchange for him. Disgusted,
and believing I had just blundered, I thought about resigning. Then I
began to wonder , 'why isn't he just taking it?' . I began to
evaluate the position that would follow if he won the exchange and
realized that if he took the material I had a complete positional
bind. He had no way to develop any pieces at at all without losing
the exchange back (or more). I had no immediate win, but I would have
hated to play his position. He declined the exchange, but now had a
serious lag in development - which led to my winning the game. I
always felt funny about bragging about that exchange sac - I hadnt
seen it, and I thought it was a blunder at first. Still, it's kind of
a fun story. Does anyone have similar anecdotes about 'unintentional
brilliancies' or 'brilliant blunders' to share?