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Jim Roe
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Default how to built a document for fast refresh of opening variants and ideas.

Chess Assistant 7.1 does all these things and more.
Operates in and chess game format. Check out thir web site.
Also check out the Total Chess training.
"kempelen" wrote in message
I am worried how peope organice their opening ideas for a fast look.
I mean: has any of you have a on-the-fly and fast "refresh ideas
notepad" for openings?. How do you built it: word processor, special
chess software,....? What do you put there? I am thinking on build an
on the fly document to easy remember main points of my collection of
opening variants ideas that I have in a lot of PGNs so when I need to
remember main points of an opening after a time without playing chess
don't look across all those PGN with variants.