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Alan O'Brien
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Default Radjabov Destroys Anand

I agree with Scott, Radjabov isn't frightened of going into sharp positions
where his illustrious opponents are likely to make an error.

"Scott" wrote in message
What is the difference between Kasparov and Anand losing vs. Radjabov
winning How many "lucky" games does he have to win for you to see
his skill as genuine? Oh, wait, I get it - Kasparov and Anand were
both sick and had little sleep those days - I understand now . . .


What are you? Radjabov's press agent? The games don't show Anand or
Kasparov getting wiped off the board. If your in charge of public
relations then Radjabov should fire you quickly. Looks more like
Anand and Kasparov lost rather than Radjabov won.