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Larry Tapper
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Default Radjabov Destroys Anand

Ed Seedhouse wrote in message .ca...
Scott wrote:
What is the difference between Kasparov and Anand losing vs. Radjabov
winning How many "lucky" games does he have to win for you to see
his skill as genuine?

With a 2600+ rating his skill is "genuine" enough. But to be able to
rationally say with some confidence that he is better than the top five
the answer is really quite simple. All he has to win enough games to
get his rating higher than theirs.

Two wins against the best won't make it. He also lost today to another
2600 player, so we get to consider that, too. At least if we are
sensible we do.

Right. I want to say that I was impressed by Radjabov's draw against
Leko today (8/7) though. He showed a lot of tenacity in that game.