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Default Search extensions and transposition tables


I'm planning to add transposition tables holding the usual values,
bounds and computed depth information of a position into my simple
chess program. As I use a simple search extension concerning checks
(adding 1 ply when a check occurs), I have a problem to understand how
the depth information in the TT could be used in such a case. If I
encounter a position where the hashprobe succeeds and the depth
information there says that the position was searched deeper before
than I plan to search, can this really be used in such a case? Because
with search extension, the moves to follow (if I would to the search)
could in fact increase my depth-to-do, making it (then) bigger than
the information in the TT. So it seems that some additional
information has to be stored in the TT, but what and how to use it?

Thanks for your help