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Sir Spock
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Default Generating tablebases, is it worth the trouble?

Well...generating will mose certainly be slower than downloading...

"Marcel Alsemgeest" wrote in message
I know that link, but 7 GB is a little too much to download with my 256
kbit/sec ADSL-connection... (7 GB to download with +/- 26 Kbytes/sec will
take around 75 hours, and apart from that my 1,5 GB free download limit

be crossed by a very large margin, so it will cost quite a lot money).
Generating will be faster I think/hope and certainly cheaper. But the
question is really: is it worth the time to generate these files?

"Ѥ " schreef in bericht
. ca...
You can get the Nalimov 5 piece he

"Marcel Alsemgeest" wrote in message
I'm thinking of generating 5-piece tablebases, but that will take

time even on my fairly powerfull machine. So i wonder if it is really

the trouble. My main reason would be to let my pc play more effective
against other pc's, but will that indeed be the case when I use

or isn't there much difference noticable?