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Renze Steenhuisen
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Default Generating tablebases, is it worth the trouble?

CeeBee wrote:
"Ѥ " wrote in

I was thinking about buying a 120 Gig external hdd for my notebook
computer. I was wondering how long it would take to generate a
complete 6 piece set on a 2 GHz machine with 512 MB ddr ram?

120Gb isn't enough by far. The until now generated are already about
115Gb. Wasn't it estimated that a full 6 men set is about 1 Tb?
And especially with a 512 machine the larger ones still to come couldn't
be generated anyhow.

Be amazed! The up-untill-now publicly available EGTBs add up to some
230GB, have a look at my ftp-site if you don't believe it. Or if you
want to have the exact numbers!

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