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Randy Bauer
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Default Survey: what do you play vs. 1.Nc3?

(chicagochess2003) wrote in message . com...
Just curious how people work a reply to this uncommon but not
ridiculous opening move into their repertoires as Black. Do French
Defense players stick to 1.Nc3 e6, for example? I know there are many
lines after 1.Nc3 c5 that transpose back to the Sicilian. If you don't
play 1.d4 d5, is there any reason to shy away from 1.Nc3 d5? You'd
have to be prepared for the Veresov. On the other hand, 1.Nc3 Nf6 2.e4
has its own bag of tricks.

I had a harrowing experience trying to get to a line of the Sicilian
once after 1...c5. Next time, against the same opponent, I played
1...g6. We quickly got to a variation of the Pirc I was comfortable
with. I think 1...d6 would be likely to lead to similar play.

Randy Bauer