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Default Elizabeth Shaugnessy Intensive Care/ Richard Peterson joining bobby in Prison

Thank you for posting this latest letter from Peterson.

What us outsiders find amazing is that Richard "Take the Money and
Run" Peterson was known by that moniker for years before this latest
instance where he took the money and ran.

Did not your CalChess Board members ever wonder why Richard "Take the
Money and Run" Peterson was known by that name? Could you really have
believed that this was just political?

If the money is never recovered, my guess is that the CalChess
Membership would have grounds for a lawsuit against the CalChess Board
for putting the CalChess Treasury in the hands of somebody widely
known by the name of "Take the Money and Run".

Sam Sloan

On 6 Sep 2004 08:35:12 -0700, (Extreme Green
Machines) wrote:

Emailed to Cal Chess board members 9-6-2004 from Richard Peterson:

I am certainly sorry that Elizabeth is not feeling well and wish her a
speedy recovery, however the meeting should still address the problems
that Elizabeth has caused.

By law, CalChess as the former entity no longer exists. Elizabeth in
her capacity as President with the help of Richard Koepcke has split
the old CalChess for obvious political reasons and the effect has not
been benign. The unincorporated entity does not survive this division
and the incorporated entity does not contain all the old geographical
areas (a violation of state law) and we who were disenfranchised have
no intention of fading away. Unless agreement is reached, after debts
are paid (mainly the kids whose funds I have retained), liquidation is
required by law.

I will be sending out a letter tomorrow with specifics on the abuses
anyone can understand and there are certainly more than have currently
been discussed and questions are unavoidable.

Should the group pretend that nothing has happened in order to avoid
upsetting Elizabeth or should they be supportive of Elizabeth and keep
their heads in the sand?
If Elizabeth's health is too sensitive, I would certainly recommend
that she not attend the meeting as people will certainly want answers.
Certainly her health is more important than maintaining power. If
Elizabeth comes, there may be a feeling that to ask direct questions
is to threaten her health and no one wants that. Her presence is
likely to throw cold water on requests for any disclosures.

Her health situation makes this a no win situation for the former
members who will want answers.

Richard Peterson

Don C. Aldrich wrote in message . ..
uh oh. So the guy who took the money is now saying that it doesn't
belong to the organization, and that the organization is defunct.

I would be pretty worried if I were a Cal Chess member.


On 06 Sep 2004 05:34:37 GMT,
(ASCACHESS) wrote:

What do you suppose cal chess should do to get its money back from
this guy?

I am not knowledgable in how things work in the US, but - assuming that what
you say is correct - surely the first thing to do is to report the matter to
the police? And also to ask the bank on what authority they released the
funds? And would CalChess have any insurance for this kind of thing, if
has been any malfeasance by Mr Peterson?

Paul Buswell

Remember, you were reading Eric Hicks who is somewhat below Sam Sloan in
credibility but slightly above Jason Repa.

The money in question is the children's money.
For the last two years, they bought memberships where they were promised six
issues of CalChess Journal.
Elizabeth Shaughnessy's administration has failed to produce the magazine in
any kind of timely fashion.

There are literally more than 1500 kids who have not been treated fairly.

Not surprisingly, guess who the oh so slow non-producing Editor of CalChess
Journal is?
Yup, the self same Eric Hicks, so consider the source.

The problem now is that Elizabeth has redefined the borders of the old CalChess
and we are in dissolution.

Richard Peterson

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