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Default Chess Quiz #3 by Sam Sloan

I have just posted Sam Sloan's Chess Quiz #3

The World Chess Champion is:

1. Bobby Fischer
2. Garry Kasparov
3. Vladimir Kramnik
4. Rustam Kasimdzhanov
5. There is no real world champion at the present time.

In the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer", which real chess player
did not appear in the movie AND was played by an actor?

1. Roman Dzindzichashvili
2. Kamran Shirazi
3. Asa Hoffman
4. Pal Benko
5. Bruce Pandolfini

Comparing the Movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" to real life events,
which of the following was not true?

1. In real life, the smoke filled room where Bruce takes Josh's father
was the Bar Point operated by Bill Goichberg
2. In real life, the final climatic game was a draw, not a win for
3. In real life, Josh was the first seven-year-old chess master
4. In real life, Vinnie's last name was Livermore
5. In real life, the first game depicted in the movie as the first
ever played by Josh in the park was against a schizophrenic chess
master named Zilber.

In the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer", Josh plays with or against
several known real-life chess players. When he became an adult he
would have been able easily to defeat all but one of them. Which
real-life opponent would he still not have been able easily to defeat.

1. Bruce Pandolfini
2. Vinnie Livermore
3. Jeff Sarwer
4. Kalev Pehme
5. Israel Zilber

Polugaevsky is

1. A Bulgarian Grandmaster
2. Known for playing the French Defense
3. A right-hand man of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
4. A sub-variation of the Najdorf Sicilian
5. A defector from the Soviet Union

Which of the following is not remembered as one of the most important
chess tournaments ever played?

1. London 1851
2. Hastings 1895
3. New York 1897
3. San Sebastian 1911
4. AVRO 1938

Which author of chess books was not a master?

1. Al Horowitz
2. Irving Chernev
3. Fred Reinfeld
4. David Levy
5. Edward Lasker

One of the most famous chess games ever played was probably not a real
game but a composition. That game was:

1. Reti-Tartakower, Queen Sacrifice and mate in 11 moves
2. Morphy-Duke of Brunswick, Classic example of the importance of
3. Anderssen-Max Lange, Fantastic Mating Attack
4. Alekhine-Grigoriev, The Immortal Five Queens Game
5. Levitsky - Marshall, Gold Pieces Showered the Board

Which player was not among those who were first awarded the
grandmaster title?

1. Tarrasch
2. Rubinstein
3. Marshall
4. Capablanca
5. Alekhine

Which European player worked for a time as a bookkeeper in Madison
Heights, Virginia, near Lynchburg?

1. Joseph Blackburne
2. Louis Paulsen
3. Wilhelm Steinitz
4. Amos Burn
5. Edward Lasker

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