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Default Karpov Exclusively by Dimitrije Bjelica

From: "dimitrijed"
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Subject: Karpov exclusively
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 09:33:30 +0100

karpov- high time for fide president is the title of documentary film
by bjelica
12th world champion anatoly karpov and world champion in magic chess
-bjelica, founder of childrens olympiads dimitrije bjelica came to
herceg novi, montenegro, where fischer won blitz tourament in 1970 and
published with bjelica famous book chess meets of the century. karpov
and bjelica opened a library with the name jevto bjelica, father of
dimitrije bjelica and grandfather of isidora bjelica, the most popular
writer and film maker in serbia and montenegro
karpov declared that he would fight to be a president of fide because
this fide leaders are in mate postion. karpov said about fischer -
i saw in a new book by bjelica my friend fischer in. tokyo prison many
documents of 500 pages and it is the truth about booby. also bjelica
published in the book his letter to the president bush and explained
his case. it is injustice against fischer ,
karpov exlained that he had four court cases in belgrade and he won
the case vs daily politika who wrote during his time when he was world
champion that he was an ex-champion.
on the other hand ex director of the chess informat gave to kasparov
award one thousend dollars for the game which kasparov took from tal
and his analyses for karpov and his match vs korchnoi,
world champion in magic chess bjelica explained
- i made an tv interview in new york with sam sloan and he told me
that in 1992 when fischer played vs spassky in sveti stefa during
embargo it was forbiden to sell the books from jugolsavia, but us
chess federation had bought from ex director of the chess informant
mataovic books for 285.000 dollars .
matanoic is negative hero of the novel good buy sarajevo by spanish
writer ana marija rodriguez , ,it is a novel about dimitry bjelica,
whom karpov gave oscar of the cetury for the best chess writer and
journalist of the 2oth century .matanovic forbid publishing of the
world chess review by karpova and bjelica in jugoslavia, he ordered to
stop publishing of 13 books kings of chess by bjelica in daily
politika, but they published and sold out copies of the books,
he ordered to destroy 3ooo world chess review in the monetary house
where his friend director petroiuc destroyed, matanovic got a black
oscar with campomanes, macropulos, guessen and three memebers of
montenegro chess federation ivanovic, sakotioc and markovic for their
busines with boris kutin of sloenia president of europian chess union
who together with them charged children at the europian cadet festial
in budva montenegro every day 35 euros and inscription 100 swiss
franks while karpov and bjelioca at ten childrens olympiads always had
gratios hotel for children.

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Default The USCF EB is totally corrupt

OK...........Don Schultz has very slowly told us more and more of the

When he said "every member of the board wanted Jennifer" does that
include him?

He acted as if he knew nothing about all this just a few days ago?

So now let's give us one more piece of the puzzle...............

Let's hear how much Jennifer's position pays? Same with Hoffman.

What are her qualifications and experience with chess content designing
beside writing Chess Bitches? Same with Hoffman. The chess world knows
of no such experience from either of them. They are fine people but so
are thousands of other people.

Why were these positions hidden from the rest of the chess world? Why
weren't they publicly announced? Why were they only offered to family
and friend of a board member? Are you afraid someone better would come

Why? Why? Why?

Is this a political payoff?

Marinello would have never done anything like this. You got her out of
her position so you can do this? Corruption as usual. How typical of

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