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Default Complaint to German Chess Federation against Ralf Callenberg

Sam Sloan
1664 Davidson Avenue,
Apt. 1B
Bronx NY 10453


April 7, 2006

Christian KRAUSE
Laerchenstrasse 10
Forstern, Germany

Complaint regarding Ralf

Dear Mr. Krause,

I believe that over the years I have met you at chess events,
including especially Olympiads. You may recall meeting me.

I am writing to complain to you about the despicable behavior of Ralf
Callenberg, a member of your organization. I am writing to you in
particular because Mr. Callenberg has used you as a reference. Mr.
Callenberg states that he is a member of the Munich Chess Club, that
you know him personally, that you consider him to be a person of high
moral integrity and repute and that you will vouch for him.

I, on the other hand, have rather the opposite opinion of Mr.

I have been writing biographies of chess players and posting them on
the Internet. I have written more than one hundred of these
biographies for Wikipedia. I suspect that you may have read some of
them. In most cases, I am writing about grandmasters and other famous
players but in some cases I have written about lesser known

All of this advances the cause of chess because it makes available to
the general public information about chess personalities which
otherwise would not come to the public view.

For the last four months, starting in December 2005, Mr. Callenberg
has been attacking all of my chess biographies. By attacking I do not
mean that he disagrees with them, or makes disparaging remarks about
them or about me, or that he posts contrary points of view. Rather,
what Mr. Callenberg does is he deletes and erases them.

Since December, 2005, Mr. Callenberg has substantially deleted more
than fifty, 50, chess biographies I have posted on the Internet. Every
biography I have posted on Wikipedia for the past four months has been
substantially deleted by Mr. Callenberg.

In general, he does not delete the entire biography. He usually leaves
one or two short, generally meaningless, lines, so that he can avoid
the accusation of vandalism, but he cuts out the heart of the

More than that, he does this only two to five minutes after I have
posted the biography. In other words, he deletes what I have written
so quickly that nobody gets a chance to read it before it has been
deleted by Mr. Callenberg.

Callenberg has obviously spent the past four months lying in wait so
that any time I post anything on the Internet, Callenberg pounces and
deletes it within minutes after I have posted it. He deletes it under
the USER ID "Rook wave".

This practice by Mr. Callenberg has international implications which
should concern you because I am a supporter of Bessel Kok and his
Right Move campaign to become FIDE President at the elections in Italy
next month. Mr. Callenberg is obviously a supporter of his opponent,
the Incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Every time I write something in
praise of Bessel Kok and the team he has assembled to run FIDE if he
is elected and every time I write something unfavorable about Mr.
Ilyumzhinov, Mr. Callenberg deletes it.

For example, I have been writing about the circumstances under which
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was elected FIDE President in Yerevan, Armenia in
1996. More than one hundred journalists were present and the
circumstances are well known, that Ignatuis Leong of Singapore had
been hired by Kirsan to bring a shipment of specially made Rolex and
other watches from Singapore to Armenia. These watches were
distributed to the FIDE Delegates in exchange for their votes. Indeed,
the USA Delegate, Stave Doyle, has stated that he received a Rolex
Watch from Kirsan. However, during the FIDE Congress, Leong, for
reasons unknown, revolted, saying that he has not been paid. Leong was
holding three proxies from other countries, one of which was Pakistan.
The election was going to be close. In view of the closeness of the
election, Leong found himself surrounded by three bodyguards of Kirsan
and the bodyguards took away the proxies from Leong. Leong claimed
that the bodyguards had threatened to kill him. Fearing for his life,
Leong hid in Steve Doyle's hotel room and did not come to the meetings
the next day. The following day, October 1, 1996, Kirsan paid Leong
$7,.000 in cash for the watches and services. Leong came out of hiding
and then both he and Steve Doyle defected. Doyle had come to Yerevan
as a member of the slate of Jaime Sunye Neto, who was running for
president against Kirsan. When Doyle defected and agreed to join the
Kirsan slate. the support for Jaime Sunye Neto collapsed and Kirsan
was elected by 88 votes to 43. As a reward for changing sides, Doyle
and Leong were both appointed Vice-Presidents of FIDE, which meant
that Kirsan paid for trips around the world for them to attend the
many FIDE official functions. Doyle also got to keep his Rolex watch.

These facts and circumstances are, of course, controversial. However,
they were widely reported. Ignatuis Leong himself wrote and posted a
report on these events. International Arbiter Carol Jarecki reported
on this as did Egon Ditt, head of the German Delegation. Indeed, with
more than one hundred journalists present and reporting on these
events, there can be no doubt that there were dozens of reports
published around the world on these events.

If Mr. Callenberg were to post his own obviously different version of
what happened, I would have no objection and indeed I would welcome
it. A free flow of ideas needs to be encouraged. However, Mr.
Callenberg has not done that. Instead, he has simply deleted every
word I have written about this subject.

We have been debating this subject on the Internet for the past month.
That is how Mr. Callenberg brought up your name. Callenberg states
that Christian Krause knows him, will support him and will vouch for

Obviously, Callenberg has the right of freedom of speech. He says that
you, Christian Krause, will support him under the principle of freedom
of speech. However, I do not believe that you will support him,
because Callenberg has not provided any speech. He only deletes. Until
a few weeks ago, Callenberg never added or changed even one word. He
only deleted what I wrote.

I realize that what Callenberg does is not illegal. However, I believe
that it is unethical. Because of Herr Callenberg's praise of Kirsan
Ilyumzhinov and his deletions of everything I write to the contrary,
this could swing the results of the election. The election will be
close. Possibly, only one or two votes will decide it. My writings are
widely read. I have a big audience, as I am sure you know. No doubt
this is the reason why Callenberg deletes everything I write rather
than respond to it. Nobody will read what he writes, but everybody
will read what I write.

In the USCF, we have a procedure to bring an ethics complaint against
people like Callenberg. I do not know whether the USCF Ethics
Committee would accept this case if Callenberg were a US National.
However, Callenberg is a German National and a FIDE Rated Player with
a rating of 2154. See

Accordingly, I am requesting that, if possible and legally allowed,
your chess federation bring a proceeding to censure or reprimand or
otherwise punish Herr Callenberg.

Very Truly

Sam Sloan

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