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Default Letter from Beatriz Marinello to my chess friends in the world

This is a deeply disturbing development, the worst nightmare for the
USA in chess.

Beatriz Marinello, a national of Chile who was nominated by the USCF
for election as General Secretary for the Americas in FIDE, declared
at a recent meeting of the Executive Board of the USCF that she will
not support Bessel Kok, the candidate nominated by the USCF for
election as FIDE President. Beatriz states in an Internet posting "I
will be neutral".

In a posting on May 12, 2006,. Beatriz describes the four board
members who support Bassel Kok for President as "fanatic extremists
who do not understand world politics".

The importance of this cannot be under-estimated. The USA has only one
vote in FIDE, but the Spanish speaking countries of Central and South
America have 17 votes. The USCF is sending Beatriz to Turin because
she speaks Spanish and it was presumed that she was supporting the
candidate endorsed by the USCF, who is Bessel Kok.

This will be a close election. Right now, there are declared 70 votes
for Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and 30 for Bessel Kok. However, almost all of
the major chess playing countries of Europe support Kok, including
Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England and Holland. Most of the
support for Kirsan Ilyumzhinov comes from the poorer third-world
countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, and Mozambique.

There are 159 members of FIDE, so there are 59 uncommitted delegates.
Also, many of the delegates supporting Kisran Ilyumzhinov are having
their air tickets paid by him to travel to Italy. When they get there,
and assuming that they have their return tickets safely in hand, they
might switch their votes.

The 17 South American votes are likely to swing the election. Beatriz
is from there and that is the reason the USCF is sending Beatriz to
Turin. However, most of the South American countries are either
declared in support of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov or are undecided. Many of
these countries will vote for whomever the USA votes for so sending
Beatriz, assuming that she campaigns for Bessel Kok, was the right
move. Now that we have discovered that Beatriz is defecting to the
other side, this causes a serious problem for the USCF and the rest of
the chess playing world.

The statement posted by Beatriz Marinello in both English and Spanish

Sam Sloan

On 12 May 2006 15:55:38 -0700, wrote:

May 12, 2006

My friends:

I am sorry to have to report disturbing news regarding the recent
actions of the United States Chess Federation Executive Board regarding
the upcoming FIDE Presidential elections.

That Board, of which I am a member, voted early to support the
candidacy of Bessel Kok for FIDE President. That is the right of the
national federation. But things took an ugly turn recently.

My position has always been that FIDE's motto, gens una sumus, we are
one family, should guide us in our promotion of the game we all love.
Following that principle, I recently stated that no matter who won the
FIDE presidential election, I would work with them for the betterment
of chess.

That statement did not sit well with the more fanatical Kok supporters
on the U.S. Chess Federation, who demanded that I retract it. Unless I
did so, they threatened punitive actions.

The President of the board submitted the following motion:

06-064 - Goichberg - Whereas:

1=2E The USCF Executive Board unanimously endorsed the candidacy of
Bessel Kok for FIDE President, and we feel that his election is very
important for the promotion of chess in the USA and the world, .

2=2E The Executive Board subsequently, at its February meeting, endorsed
the candidacy of Beatriz Marinello for FIDE General Secretary of the

3=2E Beatriz Marinello had voted for the Board endorsement of Bessel Kok.
However, on April 4, she wrote to the Board about the FIDE election, "I
will remain neutral and willing to work with the administration that
wins." On April 6, she wrote, "I view my position as someone who is
acting in the best interest of the organization. Maintaining a neutral
position, in my opinion does not affect the votes of other
federations." On April 9 she wrote, "I do not believe that the USCF
position is to obligate people to actively campaign for a particular

4=2E USCF policy, as recently reaffirmed by the Executive Board, is that
our FIDE representatives are required to support USCF positions on FIDE

5=2E We believe that in a democracy, supporting the best qualified
candidate in an election is appropriate and does not constitute a
refusal or inability to work with a different candidate, should the one
we are supporting fail to be elected.

6=2E We believe that to have a USCF representative advocating a neutral
position in discussions with representatives of other federations will
undermine our support for the candidacy of Bessel Kok.

Therefore, we ask Beatriz Marinello to consider accepting one of the
following two positions:

A) She agrees to affirmatively advocate the candidacy of Bessel Kok, to
the best of her ability, in any election discussions she may have with
the representatives of other federations.

B) She withdraws her offer to represent USCF at the upcoming Turin FIDE
meeting and her candidacy for General Secretary of the Americas. In the
event she chooses not to attend these meetings, USCF will reimburse her
for any nonrefundable travel expenses.

If Beatriz does not endorse one of these positions within three days of
the passage of this motion, the USCF endorsement of her candidacy for
General Secretary of the Americas is hereby rescinded, and FIDE shall
be notified that we oppose her nomination.

After extensive discussion the motion PASSED 3-0-2 with Beatriz
Marinello and Robert Tanner abstaining.

During the discussion Joel Channing, one of the members of the board
called me a "piece of crap" and he compared me with North Korea,
because I said that I will not change my position. Lately in other
Internet postings Mr. Schultz, another board member said as following:

"why is the press so silent and seemingly indifferent on the FIDE
elections? Why no words on the Israeli Chess Federation's endorsement
of Ilyumzhinov, a man who is a friend of Saddam Hussein, who in turn
launched missles (correction "missiles") against Israel and is also
responsible for the deaths of many Americans-- Don Schultz "

I am deeply offended by the personal attacks, and the fanatical and
irrational comments made by my fellow board members. These statements
speak for themselves. Please do not think that this mentality reflects
the thinking of the USCF members, these are comments coming from
fanatic extremists who do not understand world politics nor are willing
to engage in a democratic and clean campaigning to advance their
political agendas. Furthermore, If the USCF Executive Board moves
forward to cancel my nomination as General Secretary of FIDE Americas,
I will appeal this decision to the General Assembly.

Yours for Chess,

Beatriz Marinello

USCF Executive Board Member

USCF Past President

General Secretary de FIDE Am=E9ricas

12 de Mayo del 2006

Estimados Amigos:

Con gran pesar tengo que divulgar algunas noticias que me disturban con
respecto a las recientes acciones del Directorio de la Federaci=F3n de
Ajedrez de Estados Unidos en relaci=F3n a las pr=F3ximas elecciones
presidenciales en la FIDE. El directorio, del cual soy una de las
directoras, vot=F3 en apoyo a la candidatura de Bessell Kok para
Presidente de la FIDE. Nuestra federaci=F3n esta en su derecho de tomar
este tipo de decisiones basado en el se considera es mejor para el
ajedrez mundial, pero la situaci=F3n tomo un tono que en mi opini=F3n es
inaceptable y reprochable.

Mi posici=F3n siempre ha sido apoyar el lema de la FIDE, gens una
sumus, somos una familia y todos nuestros esfuerzos sin importar
nuestras diferencias de opiniones deben dirigirnos hacia la promoci=F3n
del ajedrez que todos amamos. Siguiendo este principio, indiqu=E9
recientemente que no importa qui=E9n gane las elecciones presidenciales
de la FIDE, yo trabajar=EDa con este grupo para mejorar el ajedrez.
Esa declaraci=F3n no fue bien recibida por los partidarios m=E1s
fan=E1ticos de Bessel Kok dentro del directorio de la federaci=F3n de
USA, quienes me exigieron que me retractara o sino tomar=EDan

Nuestro Presidente introdujo la siguiente moci=F3n:

06-064 - Goichberg -

"1. El directorio de la USCF endos=F3 un=E1nimemente la candidatura de
Bessel Kok para presidente de la FIDE, y sentimos que su elecci=F3n es
muy importante para la promoci=F3n del ajedrez en los USA y en el mundo.

2=2E El directorio de la USCF se reuni=F3n de febrero y endos=F3 la
candidatura de Beatriz Marinello para Secretaria General de FIDE

3=2E Beatriz Marinello hab=EDa votado por el endoso del candidato Bessel
Kok. Sin embargo, el 4 de abril, ella escribi=F3 al directorio en
relaci=F3n a la elecci=F3n de FIDE, "seguir=E9 siendo neutral y
trabajare con la administraci=F3n que gane." El 6 de abril, ella
escribi=F3, "estoy actuando en lo que yo creo es lo mejor para nuestra
federaci=F3n. Mantener una posici=F3n neutral, en mi opini=F3n no afecta
los votos de otras federaciones." El 9 de abril ella escribi=F3, "yo
no creo que la posici=F3n de USCF es obligar a la gente a trabajar
activamente en la campa=F1a pol=EDtica de un candidato en particular."

4=2E La pol=EDtica de USCF, seg=FAn lo reafirmado recientemente por el
directorio es que nuestros representantes en la FIDE est=E1n requeridos
apoyar las posiciones de la USCF.

5=2E Creemos que en una democracia, el apoyo al mejor candidato es
apropiado y no constituye una denegaci=F3n o una inhabilidad de trabajar
con el otro candidato.

6=2E Creemos que un representante de la USCF que aboga de una posici=F3n
neutral en discusiones con los representantes de otras federaciones
minar=E1 nuestra ayuda para la candidatura de Bessel Kok.

Por lo tanto, pedimos a Beatriz Marinello que considere el aceptar de
una de las dos posiciones siguientes:

A) Ella acepta abogar por la candidatura de Bessel Kok, y pondr=E1 sus
mejores esfuerzos en cualquier conversaci=F3n acerca de la elecci=F3n
que ella pueda tener con los representantes de otras federaciones.

B) Ella retira su representaci=F3n de la USCF en la pr=F3xima reuni=F3n
de la FIDE en Tur=EDn y su candidatura para la posici=F3n de Secretaria
General de FIDE Am=E9rica.

En el caso que ella elija no ir a esta reuni=F3n, la USCF le
reembolsar=E1 cualquier costo incurrido. Si Beatriz no endosa una
de estas posiciones en el plazo de tres d=EDas despu=E9s de pasar esta
moci=F3n, la USCF cancelara su endose para la posici=F3n de Secretaria
General de FIDE Am=E9rica y FIDE ser=E1 notificada que nos oponemos a su

En la ultima reuni=F3n de la directiva de la USCF, despu=E9s de una
extensa discusi=F3n esta moci=F3n fue aprobada 3-0-2 (tres votos a favor
y dos abstenciones Beatriz Marinello y Roberto Tanner)

Durante la discusi=F3n Joel Channing, uno de los miembros del directorio
me llam=F3 "pedazo de mierda" y =E9l me compar=F3 con Corea del
norte, todo esto porque dije que no cambiar=E9 mi posici=F3n.
=DAltimamente en algunos lugares de Internet otro de los miembros del
directorio el Sr. Schultz dijo lo siguiente: " Por qu=E9 la prensa
esta tan silenciosa y aparentemente indiferente en las elecciones de
FIDE? Porqu=E9 no mencionan ningunas palabras con respecto el endoso de
Ilyumzhinov de parte de la federaci=F3n de Israel, este hombre es un
amigo de Saddam Hussein, que alternadamente lanz=F3 los missles
(correcci=F3n "misiles") contra Israel y es tambi=E9n responsable de
las muertes de muchos americanos. Schultz"

La vulgaridad de estos ataques personales me ofende profundamente.
Esta gente son personas fan=E1ticas e irracionales. Estas declaraciones
hablan para s=ED mismas. Esta forma de pensar no refleja la mentalidad
de los miembros de la USCF, =E9stos son comentarios que vienen de
extremistas fan=E1ticos que no entienden la pol=EDtica del mundo ni
est=E1n dispuestos a trabajar en una campa=F1a democr=E1tica y limpia para
avanzar tus agendas pol=EDticas.

A ra=EDz de estos hechos, si el directorio de la USCF sigue adelante con
los planes de cancelar mi candidatura para la posici=F3n de Secretaria
General de FIDE Am=E9rica, apelare esta decisi=F3n en la Asamblea

Cordiales Saludos

Beatriz Marinello

USCF Executive Board Member

USCF Past President

General Secretary de FIDE Am=E9ricas

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