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Default teardrop


massive attack


you promised to get me out

six days minus


hey it just chopped off

"havent finished pirating it yet"


"i'm tryin jennifer"
"stuck in real time"


i've wanted this track for a while paulo


beth gibbons gives me hope
i could **** another elizabeth and not



"all women make you cry babe"


**** off man


"th clues dont read well"
every day i write the psychic blog


i dunno
would anybody care if they didnt

get a weeks notice of

fifty thousand ppl dyin

"only if they were amongst em"


strange that


i'll bet ya it's only like

five ppl gunna die

and we readin

some ****ers in th future blowin out

"so ya do think it;s th english"

dint say that


just doesnt feel as big
as th emotion

comin back from th future

suggests it is



"could have that backwards"

magic slippery ya mean


something tells me to scuttle off
and take th blog offline

six days minus


"that would be tomorrow by"
"th initial prediction"


can ya manage that ?

"do i have control ?"

no free will

"dealin with god"

and devil


"only cause they believe in em"

can i ignore their thoughts ?

"only in th shower"


so if i'm feeling tears
it could be


"frequently that way"


"could be tears anyway"

"we flip things in transit sometimes"


th way i read it


a week before

the twin trade towers fell down

a week before

th london bombings

a week before kuta beach bombing

my psychic blog goes nuts


cough up ya secrets blog

how do ya ****in do it

where's th

instruction manual


"solipsist diary"


another can of worms


reading tom wolfes

the right stuff

guy on th page

bein burned alive in

aviation fuel

while i watch

the twin trade towers


didnt i

pass a money spell

seven days ago

a curse on th bank that

took th last of my mothers blood money

and didnt htey

send over eighty million

to new york

durin th week

look down

reread th passage

inth book

where i was up to

when my litle brother yelled out

hey man

turn yur telly on

plane flown into th twin trade towers


real big surprise man

reckon it'll fall ?


well mum
it was th last of th money

made from yur murder
blood money

"worst kind"


yur right mik
i am

the biggest arsehole in the world


"pends how ya read it"


th future cums backwards


yin and yang"
"for every action"

i know
"there's an equal and opposite reaction"


we use water to put out fires

wot does einstein tell us


we should burn water


riding a unicycle helps

i have clarity

i just cant share it

have to

cloud th mix


hydrgen burning
with oxygen

from tanks

a starter motor

inject with


turn off

the starter motor


we got more energy than we can poke a stick at


making money out of energy

more important than

escaping th earth and

getting to the

unlimited resources

of th infinite void


more money later

for all

ya greedy ****s

dont make me point th bone at ya

i'm prepared to lose

th richest five percent

across th board


"th next five percent would still step up"
"pretty smartly"

yeah but they be nicer to us
poor ****s

"have to be specific disease of th rich"

i could arrnage that


"just cant spell it right"




how much does water expand when it
high pressure



**** it;s

magic stuff


key to life


u think it burn adequately
with salt water paulo

"yeah man"
"want salt water for"

"electro division to h and o for starting"

does th ship have to b self sufficient in that regard ?

why not

tank liquid hydrogen

"ship makes it's own"


it's downloaded

"good, i hate silence"


Portishead & Massive Attack

"**** knows where that ship's goin jennifer"
"very few service stations i imagine"

big workshop in it then


"in a pinch"
"it'll run on urine"

anything with


make for a funny drive flame

well we're runnin late ya see

and umm

ran out of seawater

found too many blue planets

didnt land


didnt drop into a



we're looking for water

we're always looking for water


"that's better"
"i was parched"

dont do so much yoga
"like i have choice"



pisces aries


water fire

Peter Gabrial & Kate Bush
'dont give up'

i dint spell it


"long as th magic's there"

it's always there


i love human beings

ya gotta love em

they;re so ****in stupid

still playin with yur bottle rockets ?

flyin into th sky on a jet of



why dont ya try lightin it
ya dumb ****s


rockets go way better

when ya turn off

the starter motor


wot would i know

i'm just a real psychic

tappin my unborn daughters mind

it's wot she knows

that disturbs me


and htat i cant share

if i try

th pc dies or

th modem ****s itself

th power turns off


i persist though

and bit by bit

i break the rules


space is looming


the age of


all th
psychic ppl for


have felt the age of





listen to th music

i'm goin back to


random pls computer

violent femmes
'gone daddy gone'


th death card

in the tarot

can mean

new life


the age of water

when will they peg th date ?

like th point when th oil goes

fifty percent

we wont know till

some time later


tell me psychic blog

when does the

age of aquarius


the age of oil

the black eyed peas

covered in oil and

it;s black as


i see it's

explosion into

human affairs


unlimited energy and

unlimited resources

only restricted by

our ingenuity

and us humans


go under th sea

walk on land

fly in th air

and waft thru th void



i wanna be th first guy

for ridin a unicycle
thru th moon settlement

and scarin all th girls senseless
wot if i fall off

who give a ****
isnt that how we go there ?

****in idiots


i got a ticket for

runnin a redlight

in the fortitude valley

in brisbane australia

at midnight

and hten he also

busted me for drugs

wot was yur first clue officer ?

delta goodrem

most cops turn a blind eye

to th clown

most ppl

if th truth be known

well it is by the clown



pink floyd

hey Q1
"hey Q2"


too simple man
i coulda thought of that

"ya didnt"


we lifted it from th future

i'm a ****in pirate

and proud of it

i'm as dumb as you ****s


i write to the future

and th future write back

in my psychic blog

i ask questions and

they are answered


why wont that pic download fully paulo ?

"****ed if i know"

"bit trivial"

i want th whole thing

scuse i


wot song am i stealin


'it sounds more romantic"

tell me ****

"pink floyd"


i'll argue about it with ya
on th dark side of the moon
ya pessimistic ****


cant stand
pessimistic ****s


"alright jenny"
"smoke yur greens"


noosha fox
's-s-s single bed'

dont listen to her

cum outside ya ****


well she's not on a single bed

"she is alone"


supposed t be a movie

"u get things a hundred percent ?"

**** no

i'm human

"smiel "

the verve
'catching the butterfly'

hang on paulo

i'll have a look

he saw a tattoo on er

**** itself

hang on


no tattoo man

and stop laughin


"it doesnt fit"

caus ei wanna listen to th floyd track

"only half downloaded"

do it anyway

"**** you jenny"

pink floyd
'wish you were here'

sung this so many times

on so many strete corners

while not bein in th hat

havent even had it

in th computer


"six years"


surfin on one wheel

from busker to busker

singin and

drummin and

havin a good time


"not all good"




i've sung this with

at least thirty different buskers


nothing beats th original

"it';s a recording"

"the original was when it WAS recorded"

a record

"if ya like"


be nice to call em records again

a recording of an event

not th event itself

a flawed copy

not live


i've heard this song tortured

done it myself

sometimes just for kicks

hey i'm th clown


didnt sing this weekend

in the fortitude valley

something inside

is crying

shut th **** up

john butler trio
'something's gotta give'

i missed th high fives off th unicycle

but i got lots in

th record

this thing yur readin


massive karma
doesnt fall off th back of a truck

"or cum in a pill"


puttin smiles on dials
in th strete and

"tearin em off on th net"




if they had
salt water as a fuel source

how long till th first
experimental craft

launched to test

speed of light


"u still think th colours will reverse"

b funny if a black man turned white and

a white man black

at stellar speeds


"wot about ppl like us who are coffee coloured"

'accidently kelly street'

i guees it could have
coffee shops



not stoend enough


sounds liek a cafe


i got a blocked jet

"it;s a hash pipe"


that's th last of th old stash

i hope that th new stash is

just liek th old stash

not better

not worse just

good enough

harvey danger
'flagpole sitta'

ah man


i dunno

i dig th lyrics

and th sentiment

but i umm

am th idiot

that slides unicycles in th town


for me


yur right man


everywhere i surf

on my unicycle

on the land

i see th most
incredibly boring


and wot's worse

they;re smiling at me

'day you come'

hey man it;s a big unicycle

**** that looks cool

he just jumped th gutter

they cant do that can they ?

just ran th redlight and


round th corner


29 crashes

friday night

before last


"before last"



had a week of crashes

"th wheel barrow wheel exploding was three"


the tyranny of the threes


"we'll work it out"

one day


three times

in one week

i broke down

ran out of fuel

in th same place

wot's goin on

i put in different amounts

in th tank

madonna's dance academy
and a sign

back in the black

they calle dme black for

twenty years

as a nickname

till they got

all politically correct

can you read th signs ?

mash ups
'Blvd of Broken Songs'(Green Day & Oasis mash-up)


they always come with



th best clues i throw though

are totally out of context

in th reading


thanks jeannette darling
but i cant believe it;s just that



the fire in your heart is out - lyric



little one

water fire

is too simple

just water injected rocket

make fools of

billion dollar investment

i knwo diesels work better
with water injection

just **** off will ya

not even born yet



cant even look at th keyboard when she's


"she's fierce isnt she ?"

**** man

and little brother calls

our son

devil eyes

the black eyed peas
'smells like funk'


hi devil eyes

still drivin yur mother nuts i see


little brother says it

but underneath it
little brother knows

i'm fully blooded kadaitcha man
and he same


dont like you

**** drops dead a week later


ya twig


only took like ten or so

come on man

i'm a bit doughy


i know how it feels little man

to have a father

who is a murderer


dirty little murderers boy

and umm

i did have that

parents vigilantee commitee

in the devils gap

"the gap"

who never had th balls to front me

they wont front you either

****in pussies


when th

guy i hated most in th school

broke his neck

at th water hole

city high
'what would ya do'

it was th high school


what we call secondary school





aching testicles

every day

i'm sorry young man

44 years old this day

still every day

you'll be a strong wizard

cums with a curse


how th **** do i tell him ?

she wont

she scared ****less of all of it

"werent you ?"


"here ya go"

pink floyd
'wish you were here'


i apologise for
calling you my clone

we were very similar
little brother describes me as

fifty year old face
eighteen year old body

we're long lived


"stuck in puberty"


thing is

if i had th choice

and i was told

you'll have sore nuts

every afternoon

by five

for th rest of your life

but you wont enter


stay in puberty and

my initials are already pp


it's a small price to pay to stay young


i smoke my ganga

climb on my unciycle

ooooohh tender
sore nuts boy

ride twenty minutes


cant feel a ****ing thing

comfortably numb

i aint got it paulie

"i'll download it sweetheart"

cuts off th blood supply

i'm the last real man

unless you;ve got it too

doctors dont know about any others

and i dont want your address


your gift will manifest

and show you where to go

i never was one to hold your hand

when ya went from

cant jump in
commander keen


blitzin th first level of quake without god mode

in a week

because i stoppped em

doin **** for ya

i knew you'd be right


you'll b eleven next month

got some bad times comin

you and yur mum

i was stealin th car
to go skatin

at thirteen

yur my blood

and it;s



dont be impolite or paulo


paulo wild



pink floyd
'comfortably numb'

gunna be nice
surfin down dark

country lanes
open yur eyes paulo

says he can tell where goin by th feel of th gravity
it's only been nineteen years on th uni paulo

we go heaps of **** to learn yet


he's ****ed off

into th mullbowl and

fillin th pipe

is it possible

th drug ****ed hippie on th unicycle

is right

**** man i'd laugh hard

but i always did


earlier in life

for every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction

wot's in

bein th town fool

wot's th payoff ?

besides th smiles


"and an understanding that all things"
"must live in"


"where's th balance in this thing"

we use it to put out fires

and we;re dumb **** humans

it's gotta burn like a *******

'teenager of the year'
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