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Default My old man won!!! sam Sloan, about time, What a reliefe....OUT WITH THE OLD

I hate to admit that I think Sam Sloan might actually try to make a
change in the federation.

Being that I am rated 2250 FIDE and 2201 USCF, I have a lot of disgust
for things that never get done in this federation.

Noone on the board of directors has ever been FIDE rated, or relies on
playing chess as a source of income.

Few things we need.

FIDE rated tournaments rated in a timely fashion. The way it is now,
and any board of directors members reading this will be getting new
insight on what chess masters have to deal with.

Tournaments are never submitted to FIDE or otherwise do not show up
for 2 rating lists.

Pop quiz, anyone active on these postings has any slightest knowledge
of how long it takes to rate on supplement.

Hint to the quiz:
Your hopeless catatonic 1600 or below ratings get updated every 1-2

Anyone know that a FIDE master will have to wait two supplements to
get his FIDE rating updated, which is 4 months per supplement, which
equates to 8 months plus the time elapsed where the tournament was
played, and then submitted.

I can roll out of bed tomorrow morning, pay an entry fee, gain 25
points a tournament and be over 2300 plus in three four tournaments.

I got several tournament invitations after I won Greg Shahade's (and
John Fernandez don't forget him, the short kid) on the condition I get
my FIDE rating above 2300 by December of the year I won New York
Masters 1st international.
look at the standings at this link....

Bibblt the English FIDE arbiter was one person that invited me to some
events. so by my math for me to play 5 tournaments to be safe all that
summer time of 2003, in the United States, (not Europe) these events
could not be rated by the December list. so I did some math not about
the calendar. but about how such an incompetent federation does not
think such a thing might be important to an active, young aggressive
American chess master FM so I became inactive, have no intention of
playing any tournaments like Minneapolis, World Open, which is money
looser tournament anyway.
Visited Las Vegas tournament last month, haved high to a few people.
just bad business for me to play.

Besides that I almost qualified for the US championship the summer
before but hit on a blockade of the old arrogant administrators,
pushing me into a position where it would be impossible to finish with
6 points out of 9 due to some things such as wrong pairing, being
reprimanded for hitting my clock too loud three times in the last
round, wrong pairing, paired with someone rated 2500 instead of 2100,
playing with my opponent after he showed up 60 minutes late to the
game, and played his first move with only 12 minutes on his clock to
make time control, and then bamboozled by everyone on the Google
newsgroups for complaining by a very fishy last round.

and Bibllt the arbiter not on duty there witnessing the entire thing,
and advising me,

all I have to do as an American chess pro, is not to play with this

In Europe they rate chess tournaments every few weeks, FIDE rated
tournaments will be updated on unofficial lists before they are even

Few other things,
Online chess offers no way for people to do the following.
1. play for money
2. offers buying crowns and spending them on lessons
and events,
now who is holding this crown money?

Not just myself a licensed vendor on but also my
friend Boris Kreiman

Dare I write his name? I moved to Las Vegas, and he lives in LA 4
hours bus ride from me,
you charge lessons through crowns, and can only receive the payment
through check.
which never arrives.

also Alex Wojo who just passed away is another chess pro that would
never use USChesslive crowns.
the federation gladly accepts payments, charges the vendor $20+
commission, and never mails the checks.

In case readers don't know, that is credit card fraud. Charging credit
cards and not paying the workers. The chess coaches, teachers online.
So during Sam Sloan's duration on the board this USChessLive is going
to be revamped.

Thankx to sad situations like this
Both myself, and Greg Shahade many other American kids are forced to
learn other games such as poker.
Texas Hold-Em I have been very active in the poker community for the
last three years since i quit playing chess, to the point that I moved
to Las Vegas 7 months ago,

Totally in spite of chess. What do you people do for us? Play games
for living.

Now I am sure this letter will generate tremendous response. For the
people replying, do not write back for the following reasons...

1. Spelling suggestions, read the entire posting have no concept of
chess, but want to stay active on Google chess groups for your own
personal gratification and write some crap about spelling.
2. Anyone writing responses about me writing for my fathers sake.
He didn't raise me. I met my father Sam Sloan for the first time in
Surrogates court when I was 6 years old.
ANYONE WANT TO WRITE "Just like his father"
buzz off or "F**** Off people. that is not appropriate.

I forgave Sam many years ago for being nuts. which he is nuts.

As for Beatrice Marinello, You where nice enough to go around to
different parents I was teaching chess such as Saudin Robovic from whom I worked for for over three years. and pull him
aside at a coffee table in the East Village while we where both
roommates in Stuyvesant town NYC and fill my employer in on my fathers
trouble with you.

Beatrice we never met in person, never played chess. Anything you
write about me working at this or that school, You have never met me
in person, don't write about me and my schools and Parents paying my
bills. Do not talk to Saudin Robovic when you knew we where roommates,
about how this election would effect NYChessKids.
I did loose income from that. Networking the parents against at a
school against myself and Saudin is libel and slander.
Yes. I never sued anyone in my life, am already 27 years old.
You broke the law Beatrice. You think this didn't cost me the
difference between $900 a week income, and $1,200 because I was not
invited to an additional class earning me $200 per one hour class.
times 20 classes, that is little more money than you make in 3 months,
Beatrice, you are reading this.

For your information, I have a Nevada state Sheriffs card, work card,
am a licensed substitute teacher in the State of Nevada.
You don't have anything like that, just write on Google all day
in your own stool.
See ya. You shouldn't be on the board. I will pursue this matter and
have you removed.
Cost me Classes and lessons through writing of word of mouth and
online postings is Libel and Slander.
Good luck with your kidney. Good Night........

As far as I am concerned, the US Chess Federation Board is due to die
of old age any day now. This controversy about me and my father will
be forgotten when you people all die of old age.

And the younger administration like myself, Greg Shahade, and his
sister with that cheesy book deal, Boris Kreiman.

Chess for Pro's not for fools, incompetents, people rated below 1500
running the administration. People with no concept of money, chess for
money "Is that Racketeering?"

If you cannot agree with this email then you don't belong on
Peter J Aravena Sloan
online lessons available at this link
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