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Default HOWTO Stop Thinking Like an Organic Machine

HOWTO Stop Thinking Like an Organic Machine



Rachel, trusting her long time friend, Lenz; programmed her sleep
exactly as he instructed.
She "made a wish" to see if King Solomon's Chess Service was real.

What she was shown in her dream that night shocked her to the core of
her soul.

When she woke up, she raced to her computer and fired off an email to
Lenz demanding he show up in The Hague 7AM pronto!

When August got the email, he didn't even bother to reply. He checked
his mail @ 4AM and would hop the first train from
Amsterdam to The Hague at 6:04AM; due in at 6:33AM to talk to "someone


Rachel: August, what the hell is this? Solomon had a chess
service?!?! Do you know what this could mean?

August: Me? Know? I am a grandmaster for crying out loud!

Rachel: Here is what "we know" about "chess history":


The game of chess is thought to have originated in what is now
northern India sometime before 6OO AD: the oldest written references
to chess date
from then, but there are unverified claims that chess existed as early
as 100 AD.


Rachel: King Solomon reigned circa 1011/1010 BC to 971/970 BC.

August: Yes, I am kind of "up-to-date" on chess history!
I think my brother is right, we are being systematically brain washed
(WITH LIES) to think like "organic

Rachel: You mentioned something like that a long time ago, but it was
just a hypothesis of yours, where you thought that the human
body was a type of "organic machine".

August: That was then, THIS IS NOW! I have been "making wishes" like
crazy since I left France. Even in the afternoons when I
catch a quick nap! It works every time you fall asleep!

Rachel, I also made a wish that went something like this:


I fell asleep and...BOOM!

Rachel: You just know how to get straight to the point don't you? Let
me "just guess" you got a dream that said something like: "HELL
OK, what do we do and who the hell "are these people" ? What are their

August: Our thinking process is being programmed to think "logically":
where you can have knowledge without understanding it.
We humans are supposed to think, "reasonably": that is to have
knowledge AND understand it, then and only then CAN WE USE IT
with skill!

Rachel: So we are starting to "program our sleep" aren't aliens
supposed to pop out and stop us? Why are we allowed to even
have this knowledge?

August: That is a question that I had answered! I - guess what -
requested The Truth to know, who was a major player in our
"machine thoughts" and I reasoned, if I get an answer - it has to be

Rachel: Well, Inspector Poirot? What did you discover?

August: Something wonderful happened in ...he he he... "August" 2001!

Rachel: August, in "August"? Are you kidding?

August: No. Program your sleep to find out for yourself what happened:
Like so: Say this out loud before you go to sleep:


Rachel: You are not going to tell me are you?

August: You gotta find out for yourself...




Rachel: So our physical bodies are "organic machines", how is it

August: When you are born, you are literally "A Blank Sheet of Paper".
Everything you "see" and "hear" IS THE PROGRAM!

Rachel: Everything we hear and see? Hmmm? August, since King Solomon
had a Chess Service and history tells us, that is impossible, what
do we do with what we know?

August: We can "make wishes" on any topic we want to know the truth to
and think "Truth".

Rachel: When I was shown a rough sketch of "The Chess Service of King
Solomon" I also heard it had something to do with "The Game"?

August: Bingo - I guess "The Game" is why we were born, why we exist -
to play it, in The 4th Dimension?

Rachel: What about the physical world and our physical self?

August: From what I gather - and I am gathering very quickly - is that
the physical body is just to "hold your mind" as an anchor
to this reality, but when we fall asleep, we escape into The 4th
Dimension to gather knowledge to be thought over when we wake up!

Rachel: We have to start "programming our sleep to know The Truth"
every night!

August: I'm ahead of you, homegirl - I've got blank notebooks to
everything down!

Rachel: What of Sweden?

August: I was waiting for you to say that - you got tipped off too?

Rachel: Yes! A long dream sequence that was! We have to go to Sweden
to meet two sisters there!

August: The name I got was "Hjalmar".

Rachel: When do we head up north?

August: We have to wait some type of "signal" - I don't know

Rachel: I'm glad you told me about this now! I can control my dreams!

August: Very powerful stuff huh...excuse cell....

Rachel: ...


On August's cell was his brother from Turkey. He told him to copy down
a number in Sweden. He told him to pay attention to what human women
had to tell both of them in their dreams!

The number he copied was for The Hjalmar Sisters.

August & Rachel just got their "signal".

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