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Default Everyone thinks that Hal Bogner is an asshole

Mulfish 10510376

Joined: 30 Apr 2004
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Location: Atlanta GA
Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:30 am


Hal, you were a lot more patient and persistent on this than I would
have been. I question whether boorish behavior rises (sinks) to the
level worthy of an ethics complaint. It is certainly evidence adding
to Mr. Blair's track record, in my opinion, of being incapable of
considering other people's views as having any validity. I'm not sure
that renders him unfit for this particular job, where a minority of
one can't really do a lot of damage. I wouldn't want him on the EB,
though. I must admit, however, that it calls his ability to set
personal opinion aside in favor of objectivity in question.

mnibb 12818435

Joined: 03 Feb 2005
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Location: Illinois
Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:38 am


Again I question the ethics of hmb at printing private messages. These
are the type of people who should not be involved in USCF. Mr. Bogner,
would you like me to mention the details of the private telephone call
you placed to me a couple of months ago. Based on that conversation, I
am suprised you have anything to do with the USCF. Why do you
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tanstaafl 11246770

Joined: 19 Jun 2005
Posts: 1772

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:56 am


Have people in glass houses been throwing stones???

Personally, I have no idea how well Mr. Blair will do on the
committee. I don't believe how a person POSTS, as an individual, are
necessarily a good indication of how he will do in an official role. I
have known of people that are able to set aside their own views when
making official decisions. I'm not sure I would have that ability
myself, but I'm willing concede that Mr. Blair may.

I don't think the contents of Mr. Blair's private correspondence are
at all relevant, unless he has admitted an intention to display
favoritism. I've heard no such claim. In fact, I question Mr. Bogner's
rude behaviour. What's the matter, Mr. Bogner, can't you take a hint?
Mr. Blair is under no obligation to respond to your private messages
if he doesn't want to. What to you think you're accomplishing by
hounding him this way (other than making yourself appear an a**). IF
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George 10004748

Joined: 03 Oct 2006
Posts: 49

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 7:03 am



Let us make a review of QUESTIONS.

Always when a person asks a question it constitutes a demand to
control the other person. A question says that I demand that you
answer my questions. This the obvious content of your thread.

hmb, might I add that you do not have the right to demand an answer
from another person. Your ego is running wild here. I suggest you cool
it. When you are interested in asking a question you might do better
if you first answer all your questions first. and then remind that the
other person does always have the right to not respond.

hmb you have a problem in showing proper respect for other people. You
seem to feel that the world revolves around your mind. That the ideas
that fill your mind are the one and only ideas that the world must
conform to. The real answer is not that the world should change to
become like your mind desires, but rather that your mind must change
to learn to accept and allow the world to be exactly like it is. This
is a fundamental TRUTH that all people must learn. It is very
difficult to learn this. It will cause you tremendous pain to allow
and accept the world. However, I guarantee that once you do make that
transition you will enter a world of happiness and bliss.

If you would like me to outline a course of action that will speed up
your transition into acceptance and bliss, please let me know. I am
always ready to help anyone and everyone find eternal happiness and
bliss by assisting the mind to move from error to TRUTH.

By the way. All attempts to control another person will end in
unhappiness. Therefore you can begin by withdrawing your demands that
other people answer the questions that come into your mind. It is not
anyone's responsibility to answer the questions of your mind. In fact
it is your responsibility to abandon all the questions of your mind
knowing they are nothing but trouble.

This is why we must vote for Don Schultz. He's the man who will make a
difference. Goichberg, Hough, Sloan, Marinello and Channing are all
useless. Schultz is the man!

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