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Default Coward Sloan bans Mitchell

On Apr 22, 8:22 am, Rob wrote:
On Apr 16, 7:29 pm, "samsloan" wrote:

On Apr 16, 7:01 pm, "Chess One" wrote:

Sam Sloan wrote in a Fide newsgroup of which he is moderator that he is to
ban Rob Mitchell from posting in it - this follows challenges to Sloans
truth about the porn at his site. I think everyone should read my own
response in that group. //Phil Innes


He invited you to play chess! He gave you his physical address and phone
number. Sam Sloan now pretends he never noticed either the original
invitation or the recent post re-iterating it nor two of mine which averred
who Rob Mitchell is, and as I presume competent witnesses, Boris Gulko,
Susan Polgar, Alex Onischuk and Alex Stripunsky could also tell you.

What a fantastic irony that Mitchell, I, and a few others, thought that the
same behavior was reprehensible in Moderator Blair's Wiki 'action'.

This, you see, is your problem, your massive egotism cannot stand the
slightest challenge to its need to express, neither can you moderate it.

I can certainly make you famous for this stunt, though I doubt in any way
you'd like.

You are a coward, Sloan.

Phil Innes

Not true at all. If I was going to suspend him for that reason I would
suspend you too. Of course, I know that Phil Innes is a real person
because I have met you, although few others have.

True, Rob Mitchell has become increasingly nasty and abusive of late
and he touched a raw nerve for criticizing a website I created for my
daughter Jessica, but he denied all my requests to reveal his true
identity, so I was left with no choice under the rules but to suspend

The rule that posters must reveal their real names has a rational
basis. It keeps out all the riff-raff of Fake Sam Sloans and the like
who just attack people and convert the chess forums into a garbage
dumpster. Most of the good posters have left
because of all the anonymous or fake-name posters who reside there and
who make no contribution but just attack everybody.

Again, I will reinstate Rob Mitchell any time. All he has to do is
reveal his real name or provide proof that his real name really is Rob

Sam Sloan

Mr. Sloan has received the proof. He still has not lifted the "ban".
In this instance Mr. Sloan has proven his word to be as unreliable as
his "facts".

While he says the USCF has lost thousands of dollars on his watch he
dodges any responsibility by saying he is just one man. Since he is
unable to work with any member of the board to any productive means,
he uses personal information about the executive director and
personally attacks him thus violating Hippa and EEOC regulations. When
he is warned not to do so and he ignores the advise and gets censured
by the USCF for shooting off his mouth, he bans the messenger from a
discussion group he moderates.( He says he doesn't know who that
person is,even though he has that persons email, phone number and has
communicated with that person privately in the past!)

Mr. Sloan fails to respond to questions as to his statements" it's
impossible to rape a woman" He is also silent as to why he has posted
images of nude young girls engaging in prurient behavior. On these
indefensible issues Mr. Sloan has remained silent. He has remained
silent concerning a drug arrest as well as an arrest for having junior
high school children present at an orgy he sponsored.

There is a great deal of dissatisfaction with the USCF. So much so
that someone positioning them self as a "reformer" got elected. Those
who voted for him either didn't know about his past or were of a
similar nature in dubious sexual enterprises.

I will be honest. I do not expect Mr. Sloan to have the courage to
allow me to post in a newsgroup he moderates. I am simply too honest.
Do not think I am overtly hostile to Mr. Sloan. I have defended his
work against attacks by Louis Blair when Mr. Sloans chess biographies
were summarily deleted from WIkipedia. I even offered him another site
to post them.

If the USCF cannot find a way to self police and silence and remove
quickly dangerous threats to their viability and legal liabilities as
Mr. Sloan; they may not long survive. Parents may soon begin to find
other venues for their children to engage in scholastic chess once
they discover someone who advocates sexula relations with girls not
yet of the age of majority is on the elected governing board of the

In parting I would request someone please post this to the newsgroup I
have been banned from addressing.

He will most likely try to toppost over this quote with something
like," I can't find you. you are a liar" to prevent it from being
easily seen when threads are read.

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