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samsloan January 1st 09 03:59 PM

Five Questions for USCF Executive Board Candidates
Wayne Praeder asks these same five questions every year that there is
an election.

While these questions may have relevance in a normal situation, the
situation here is not normal and indeed is unprecedented, with one
board member suing four other board members plus the USCF itself for
$25 million in damages, even though three of the four board members
she is suing supported her for election and helped her get elected.

The current situation reminds me of Stalin, who had all of the people
executed who voted for him and got him elected as General Secretary of
the Supreme Soviet.

The current questions by Wayne Praeder tend to produce answers like
the one Paul Truong gave in 2007 when he said that he had rescued and
saved numerous multibillion dollar companies and that he was being
consulted regularly by the governors of all 50 states and the mayors
of numerous large cities plus the (now disgraced) Secretary of the
Treasury Henry Paulson.

I would like for Wayne Praeder to ask the other candidates questions
that are relevant to the current situation.

Sam Sloan

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