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Default Amazon Christmas Shopping Blurb: More Lies about Susan Polgar

On Dec 17 2009, 10:32*am, Chris Falter wrote:
On Dec 17, 11:35*am, samsloan wrote:

Amazon just sent me one of their Christmas Shopping Blurbs, suggesting
books to buy for Christmas Presents.

This one recommended Chess Tactics for Champions: A step-by-step guide
to using tactics and combinations the Polgar way By Susan Polgar

This one manages to tell numerous lies about Susan Polgar. Try
counting the lies and see the answers at the bottom:

Product Description
Susan Polgar became the first female Grandmaster at age 15—and it
wasn't luck that got her there. Her use of tactics, combinations, and
strategy during her games gave her the critical advantage she needed
against her opponents. In Chess Tactics for Champions, Polgar gives
insight into the kind of thinking that chess champions rely on while
playing the game, specifically the ability to recognize patterns and
combinations. With coauthor Paul Truong, Susan Polgar teaches the
tactics she learned from her father, Laszlo Polgar, one of the world's
best chess coaches.

• Teaches players how to calculate the effect of a move in order to
gain an edge over an opponent

• For intermediate to advanced chess players of all ages

About the Author
Susan Polgar was a gold medalist at the 2004 Chess Olympiad. She is
the current World Champion in Women's Chess and the top ranked female
chess player in the United States.

Paul Truong is an eleven-time National Champion and was the captain
and business manager of the 2004 U.S. Women's Olympiad Team.

Lie # 1: Susan Polgar did not became the first female Grandmaster at
age 15. She got the grandmaster title in 1991 at age 22.

Lie # 2: Laszlo Polgar is not one of the world's best chess coaches.
He only taught Susan and her two sisters, Sofia and Judit, although
they were mainly taught by Susan. Laszlo Polgar has never taught chess
to anybody else.

Lie # 3: Susan Polgar is not the current World Champion in Women's
Chess and was not the champion in 2006 when this book was first
published. She was stripped of her title in 1999 for refusing to
defend it.

Lie #4: Susan Polgar is not the top ranked female chess player in the
United States. Either Irina Krush or Anna Zatonskih is.

Finally, about Paul Truong, Lie #5: Paul Truong is not an eleven-time
National Champion. Truong has never won a national championship of any
kind, either in the US or in his native Vietnam.

Sam Sloan

I have to disagree on #4: when the publisher's blurb was written in
2006, Susan was still active enough to maintain a USCF rating, and it
was higher than Irina's or Anna's. *Susan's was 2557, Irina's highest
was 2449, and Anna's highest was 2449. *Polgar's published rating
(2598) is still higher than Irina's (high 2400s) and Anna's (2516),
although Susan is obviously no longer a member.

It is a fair point that Laszlo Polgar only had at most 3 students. *On
the other hand, Polgar could claim in his defense that the average
results for his students have been better than the average results for
any other coach's, bar none. *Determining who is "best" is always a
judgment call: was Mantle better than Mays? *Is Tom Brady better than
Peyton Manning? *For that matter, was Fischer better than Kasparov?
So I would decline to label the book jacket's claim a lie; it may
deserve an asterisk, though.

Truong's national championships definitely deserve about 10
asterisks. *There is no record of any tournaments in Vietnam after the
victory of the Communists. *We weren't there and Paul was, so he
always has that in his favor. *Holding a national chess championship
is inconsistent with how the Communists *were running the country,
though. *Paul also states that he and his father was on the run from
the Communists due to his father's relationship with Americans, yet
somehow young Paul would travel to the capital for a relatively public
event like a national chess tournament? *That seems implausible. *That
Paul may have won one or 2 Vietnamese titles prior to the departure of
the Americans seems plausible. *After that, we're relying solely on
the word of Paul in the face of unlikely circumstances. *Then there
are the American "national champion" titles, which were mostly not
even individual accomplishments. *Could Michael Jordan call himself
"NBA champion"? *Probably not, even though he was a member of the NBA
champion Bulls. *Of course Paul did win a US Open Blitz title, but is
that even accredited as a title? *Don't happen to know the answer.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

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