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Default Holy Cow: Another Poor Cover on Chess Life

On Apr 6, 6:14*am, Offramp wrote:
On 6 Apr, 11:10, samsloan wrote:

When Dan Lucas took over as editor of Chess Life he made a great
improvement in the covers and the photography.

However, the last several covers of Chess Life have been really bad. I
cannot remember the last time we had a good cover.

By far the worst is the cover of the current April 2010 Chess Life. It
has a picture of a cow. This when there are many interesting things
going on in the World of Chess fully deserving of a cover.

I suppose that Lucas put a picture of a cow on the cover of Chess Life
in honor of my campaign theme of entrenched USCF Insiders milking the
beleaguered membership.

Sam Sloan

Vote for Sam Heverett Sloan and vote for charity, compassion, courage,
love, receptivity, accountability, excellence, independence, industry,
self-discipline, commitment, courtesy, justice, loyalty,
responsibility, appreciation, aspiration, curiosity, trust, self-
esteem, honesty, cognition, integrity, peace, truth, charity,
accountability, commitment, appreciation, honesty, compassion,
excellence, courtesy, aspiration, cognition, courage, independence,
justice, curiosity, integrity, love, industry, loyalty, trust, peace,
receptivity, self-discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, truth,
generosity, maturity, priorities, thanksgiving, veracity, sharing,
self-control, discretion, gratitude, sincerity, giving, restraint,
dependability, acknowledgement, character,
autonomy, reliability, recognition, credibility, encouragement,
assertiveness, stability, affirmation, constancy, nurturance, personal
power, dedication, goals, standards, philanthropy, strength, trust,
purpose, ethics, altruism, abstinence, worthiness, mission, morality,
humanity, sobriety, confidence, vision, values, benevolence,
determination, imagination, principles, helpfulness, persistence,
fidelity, fantasy, idealism, service, diligence, allegiance, humour,
vulnerability, concern, resiliency, patriotism, wit, humility,
patience, endurance, faithfulness, playfulness, openness, empathy,
fortitude, devotion, maternity, authenticity, understanding, tenacity,
conviction, paternity, genuineness, sympathy, intensity, kinship,
creativity, realism, acceptance, perseverance, camaraderie,
innovation, humanity, open-motivation, cohesiveness, generativity,
communication, ambition, brotherhood, ingenuity, articulation,
tolerance, drive, sisterhood, resourcefulness, expression, feeling,
will, savoir-faire, inventiveness, innocence, warmth, initiative,
etiquette, complexity, wholesomeness, affection, precision, manners,
versatility, simplicity, lovableness, efficiency, taste, adaptability,
grace, intimacy, efficacy, diplomacy, spontaneity, devoutness,
sensuality, productivity, tact, flexibility, reverence, sensitivity,
expertise, punctuality, conceptuality, composure, emotionality,
neatness, equanimity, gentleness, talents, tidiness, reasonability,
balance, tenderness, orderliness, rationality, tranquility,
sentimentality, pep, honour, consciousness, serenity, romanticism,
energy, consideration, awareness, harmony, zest, health, respect,
perception, peacefulness, passion, vitality, cooperation, depth,
cleverness, exuberance, vigor, supportiveness, intuitiveness, common,
sense, fervour, posture, thoughtfulness, inquisitiveness,
intelligence, pizzazz, carriage, kindness, logic, enthusiasm, hygiene,
friendliness, astuteness, wisdom, radiance, cleanliness, presence,
faith, knowledge, vibrance, dignity, belief, effervescence, style,
hope, joyfulness, culture, inspiration, happiness, attitude, optimism,
bravery, disposition, spirituality, leadership, thriftiness,
philosophy, spunk LOL, frugality, charisma, nerve, economy, charm,
daring, conservation, spirit, resolution, forgiveness, soul, security,
freedom, essence, confidence, liberty, youth, decisiveness,
impartiality, life, assurance, equality, individuality, closure,
fairness, originality, equity, self-respect, equatibility, self-
objectivity, acceptance, self-confidence, and self-actualisation.

I see truth and justice, but the American way is missing -- perhaps
because a British spelling is used: self-actualisation.

David Ames
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