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Default USCF Board Continues to Attack and Misunderstand FIDE

Originally Posted by Grayson
Kasparov and Karpov have bad reputations as far as
FIDE is concerned? I consider that a form of praise. But I'll agree
with you that reputations matter and should be guarded over closely
You may have known how to play the game of chess for a relatively long
time, but the fact that you do not understand that Karpov and Kasparov
both have bad reputations shows that you know nothing about the
history of the game.

Karpov became "World Chess Champion" in 1975 by questionable means. He
manipulated the vote so that the match would be played under rules
that he knew would be rejected by Fischer. I understand that the
deciding vote was cast by Jorge Vega who at that time was the Delegate
From Cuba. Jorge Vega is now the Continental President of the
Americas. By a margin of one vote Karpov got himself made World Chess
Champion by default.

Spassky was the opposite. In the 1972 match after Fischer Failed to
Appear on time several times and then forfeited the second game,
Spassky had every right to take the title and go home. Instead Spassky
stayed and played the match, some say defying the orders of the KGB to
do so.

After Karpov won the world title by manipulating the FIDE vote in
1975, he won the title by default again years later. He then became
"World Champion" a third time by playing a blitz match against Anand
in unfair conditions.

More importantly, Karpov was considered a KGB man through and through.
He was a supporter of the Soviet System. He brought a parapsychologist
to his match with Korchnoi knowing that Korchnoi was superstitious and
would react badly to the presence of such a person. He got the first
match with Kasparov stopped when he was on the verge of losing.

These are just a few items in the long list of reasons why Karpov is
disliked and has a bad reputation. On top of this, Karpov ran for FIDE
President in 2010 although he had never in his life attended a FIDE
Congress. He selected as his deputy president Richard Conn who knew
even less about FIDE than Karpov and embarrassed himself and the
campaign by saying that he did not know who Jorge Vega was.

Kasparov has a bad reputation, even worse, but for entirely different
reasons. Kasparov has a history of bizarre behavior. He forms
organizations and then abandons them once they do not do exactly what
he says. He formed the Association of Grandmasters and then abandoned
it. He formed the PCA, the Professional Chess Players Association, and
then abandoned it. Now that he has entered Real Politics, running
against Putin for President of Russia, he has been doing the same sort
of things.

All of these factors should have been taken into consideration before
the USCF entered into a court case to try to disqualify Kirsan from
running for president and disqualify Beatriz Marinello from running
for FIDE Vice-President. You were trying to get Karpov to run for FIDE
President and win by disqualifying his opponents. Certainly Karpov
liked this idea because as explained above that is how he became World
Chess Champion by disqualifying Fischer. However, the election contest
between Karpov and Kirsan was not a case of Black vs White. Both
candidates had good points and bad points. Both were shades of gray.
The plan to disqualify Beatriz and Kirsan from running was doomed to
failure because they had the support of a majority of the FIDE
Delegates and under Roberts Rules of Order which is followed at FIDE
meetings the delegates had the right to adopt special or standing
rules so that the candidates who had the majority of the votes, namely
Kirsan and Beatriz, would be elected.

As far as I know you have never attended a FIDE meeting. I have been
to many, at my own expense. You should try attending some of these
meetings and try to learn something about the organization before
making such sweeping statements.

Sam Sloan
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