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Default Dos Hermanas tournament and (C)heating

"Doctor Unclear" wrote in message
eepmeep (John Fernandez) wrote in message

Yes, I could but not many details. I was not involved into that case.
(After march 1998, I always boycotted detection of prize tourney cases
on ICC.) In fact, it was John Fernandez, tournament director for USCF
in those ICC prize tourneys, who told me so. I could find you the
handle of that cheater. He was listed in the uscfbarred helpfile on


I told you what?

Here's part of that once public USCFbarred and CFCbarred ICC helpfile:

C RadRichH
C GBPacker
C Mercenarie
C okiepro
C imbvm
C TommyPA
C BobbyFischer-Jr
C Avalanche
C ScholasticWiz
C Fuhu
C BigPawn
C LightsOut
C Ray-Ban
C iyang23
C besthund
C Karlitos
C Indelicato
H Grindio
H Katita

C = strong evidence of computer use.
H = strong evidence of receiving human assistance.

Now, you once told me that BIGBADAD (or was it BigPawn?) had won a
book or free months before playing in another prize tourney where he
was caught.

The sad reality is that I personally know that cheating is pretty

popular in
such events.

99% of normal, ordinary people who might not know about cheating,
prize tourneys, internet chess, etc... would then ask a perfectly
valid question he if you know that cheating is pretty popular in
such events, then why do you hold these anyways?? Aren't you asking
for trouble?

It's a tough job those ICC guys had.

There is no need to do such tough, long and entirely volunteer job for
an ICC that does not want to tackle the problem at the source. If the
ICC owners only want to keep cheaters and recidivists, to keep growing
its customer base and to keep giving cheaters more and more chances to
cheat again, then they don't have to change anything on ICC. When ICC
admins and ICC share holders recommend to have a nice chat with
cheaters, recidivists, then they should do it themselves: if they
truly believe that nice chats (or extensive preformated warningology)
can solve everything, then they prove their entire failure to
understand the cheating phenomenon and they prove they are addicted to
$49. subscription fees.

It's just too easy to try to
cheat these days.

John Fernandez

It's also very easy to give prizes to cheaters. Now, Steve Kelly once

In the past, they've had computer cheats win prizes in a tournament,
KNEW the winner used a computer, and rewarded the prize anyway. I
would know. I was the one stuck having to mail the prize.
I mean, specifically, the following:

(a) A player who was already flagged as a Computer cheat, who
(b) Demanded a refund and then,
(c) Got himself a new handle, then
(d) Entered a tourney, won a prize, then
(e) Was identified as the cheat and (C)'d again.
(f) I was then told to mail the computer cheat the prize he won.

And one of them [ICC share holders] was the one who instructed (f).

coming from
ICC and Cheating


If u have the proof from analyis of games please provide it, otherwise, take
your Nazi(C) (C)omputer (C)heating talk someplace else !

DU you would make a good KKK member !!

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