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Old September 9th 04, 03:03 AM
Bob Newell
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Default My simul game with V. Akobian

I've had a number of requests from people here to post this game; it was
in a simul against IGM V. Akobian, played outdoors on the Santa Fe Plaza
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the end of August.

I was a bit reluctant as my lack of skill will show! But what the heck
- I did hold on for 43 moves and over 4 hours. I hadn't played a
"serious" game in over 30 years. Fritz 8 comments in brackets, my
comments in inter-move text. Your comments welcome!

[Event "36 board simul"]
[Site "Santa Fe Plaza"]
[Date "2004.08.29"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Akobian, IGM, V."]
[Black "Newell, Bob"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "D37"]
[Annotator "Fritz 8 (60s)"]
[PlyCount "85"]

{D37: Queen's Gambit Declined: 5 Bf4}
1. Nf3 d5
2. d4 e6
3. c4 Nf6
4. Nc3 Be7
5. Bf4 a6

I was pleased with myself for transposing from an intended Reti into the
QGD, where I had the intention of Lasker's Defense. However, this a6,
with a view to preventing Nb5, was completely unnecessary and a matter
of my lack of tactical knowledge in the Bf4 variation. Nb5 is nothing
to fear, but I worried about it anyways.

6. c5 O-O

The push to c5 really bothered me. I felt the cramp. But perhaps it is
still not fatal.

7. e3 {last book move} Nbd7

This Nbd7 was, I think, a weak move also. Nc3 might have been more
active, as the possibility of my playing c5 disappeared on move 6.

8. h3 {Consolidates g4} Ne4
9. Rc1 Ndf6
10. Bd3 Nxc3
11. Rxc3 Ne4

Well, I wanted to play the Lasker, and I make the Lasker move, even
though without the possibility of exchanging bishops it no longer makes
that much sense.

12. Rc1 b6
13. cxb6 Bb4+
14. Ke2 cxb6

I thought I was being pretty cool. I have my Knight posted on e4, and I
get his King out into the middle. But who am I kidding. The King is
perfectly safe and the Grandmaster knew that.

15. Qb3 a5
16. Rc2 Qe7
17. a3 Bd6
18. Bxd6 Qxd6
19. Rhc1 Bd7

Guess who's in control now! The GM or the woodpusher? Heh. But I
believe I fight valiantly to try to hold things together even against
the strong Queen-side attack.

20. Ne5 Rab8
21. Nxd7 Qxd7
22. Qb5 Qxb5
23. Bxb5 Nd6
24. Bd3 Rfc8

I thought now, I'm finally able to take the pressure off the c-file...

25. Rc6 g6 {Controls f5}

.... but I completely overlooked Rc6, a very strong move by the GM. But,
GMs make strong moves that woodpushers overlook....

26. Ba6 Rxc6
27. Rxc6 Nf5
28. g4 Ne7
29. Rc7 Kf8
30. Kd3 Ke8
31. Bb5+ Kf8
32. f3 h6
33. Bd7 g5
34. Kc3 Ng6

Can you spell "zugszwang"? I'm keeping everything covered but
unfortunately I have to make moves!

35. Kd3
(35. Kd2 +=)

I don't get Fritz's comment here. Did the GM actually miss something?

35 ... e5
(35... Ne7 = {is a viable option})

Here's where Fritz evidently thinks I miss a draw. Instead of weaking
my pawns by advancing them, I should have just played my Knight back and
forth. One of the sponsors of the exhibition, an IM who lives in Santa
Fe, thought I had a position that while inferior still would have been
hard to break through, and he chided me for pushing pawns. I was trying
to find play for my Knight, but it loses the game! Well, more quickly.

36. Bf5 Nh4
37. dxe5 Nxf3

My Knight goes on a pawn grabbing adventure and the GM easily traps it.

38. e6 fxe6
39. Bxe6 Ng1
(39...Ke8 40. Bxd5 Rd8 41. Ke4 +=)
40. Rf7+ Ke8
41. Rf1 Nxh3
42. Rf3 Ke7
43. Bf5 resigns
(43. Bf5 h5 44. Rxh3 +-)

I'm a pawn up, incredibly, but lost. There is no saving my Knight, and
having played for 4 hours and 5 minutes (and getting sunburn too), it
was time to resign. I did get a nice smile and handshake from GM
Akobian, who is a gentleman as well as a grandmaster. My signed
scoresheet will be a valued souvenir for the rest of my days....

(43. Rxh3 $6 Kxe6 44. Rxh6+ Ke5 +-)

.... and those days simply have to include a return to tournament chess!

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