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Old July 2nd 03, 01:45 PM
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Default good chessbook

This is an answer to your first question :
First i suggest you to read :
- My System 1-2 (Nimzowitsch) and Chess Praxis
- Secret of Modern Chess Strategy Advance since nimzowitsch( John
And last
- School of chess excellence Vol 3 (Mark Dvoretsky)

Good Luck

Richard Berendsen wrote:
Hi everybody.

I have 3 questions:

1) What is a good book out there 2 improve positional play?
2) What is the best book with games of Akiba Rubinstein?
3) What is a good book about the Kings Indian? (For Black)

The Kings Indian book should be quite new, but yet not only
variations. Books with only moves make me dizzy. However, if it's
simply the best book there is, please name it anyway

I am curious if you have got any ideas.

Kind regards,


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Old July 3rd 03, 08:28 AM
Richard Berendsen
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Default good chessbook

I can't wait to buy some.

Richard Stanz wrote:
1. How to Reassess Your Chess by Silman

2. Uncrowned King by Donaldson & Minev

3. Starting Out: King's Indian by Gallagher

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Old July 3rd 03, 08:33 AM
Richard Berendsen
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Default good chessbook

Marc Widmaier wrote:
Hi Richard,
1. There are a few books you can try for improving your positional
play. One is Test your Positional Play by Belin & Ponzetto - it was
out of print for a while, but I'm almost positive its been reprinted.

yep! It's back in print. I've got a catalog here that's pretty
comprehensive. It doesn't recommend anything, however.

Another is Winning Chess Strategies by Yasser Seirawan.

roger that.

2. AFAIK, there are only two decent works in english on Rubenstein.
Rubenstein's Best Games by Kmoch, and the two volume set by Donaldson
& Minev:
Vol 1 - Akiba Rubenstein, Uncrowned King
Vol 2 - Akiba Rubenstein, the Later Years

I had a hunch that these were good, just had to be sure.

3. For the KIA, Nunn's two volume set is good, but very heavy on
theory. You could try Joe Gallagher's recent book Starting out with
the King's Indian. That's more of an intro book.

Yeah, I saw John Nunn's work. But it makes me dazzle. I like it better
to play with idea's. So Gallager could be a try.

Hope this helps!

It does!


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