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Default Larsen vs Smyslov

Here is a game between Smyslov and the danish master Bent Larsen:

White: Bent Larsen
Black: Smyslov

1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Sxd4 Sf6 5.Sc3 e5 6.Sdb5 d6 7.Sd5 Sxd5 8.exd5
Se7 9.c3 Sf5 10.Ld3 a6 11.Sa3 g6 (Le7) 12.0-0 Lg7 13.Te1 (Da4+) 13...0-0
14.Db3 (Df3) 14...Se7 (b5) 15.Lg5 h6 (Dc7) 16.Lxe7 (Le3) 16...Dxe7 17.Sc4 b5
(Td8) 18.Sa5 (Sb6) 18...Dc7 (f5) 19.Sc6 Lb7 (f5) 20.a4 bxa4 21.Txa4 Lxc6
22.dxc6 Tab8 23.Dd5 (Da2) 23...Txb2 24.Txa6 Kh7 25.Td1 (Tea1) 25...De7 (f5)
26.Ta4 (Lc4) 26...Df6 27.Tf1 De7 (De6) 28.Tb4 Tb8 29.Da5 T8xb4 (T2xb4)
30.cxb4 e4 31.Lc4 (c7) 31...Ld4 (e3) 32.Dd5 Lb6 33.b5 (Dxf7+) 33...Kg7 (Df6)
34.Kh1 (Dd1) 34...De6 (Txf2) 35.g3 (h3) 35...Dxd5 36.Lxd5 f5 (Txb5) 37.Tc1
Lc7 38.Lc4 Kf6 (d5) 39.Ta1 (f3) 39...d5 40.Lxd5 Txb5 41.Ta7 (Lg8) 41...Txd5
(Ld6) 42.Txc7 Tc5 43.h4 (Tc8) 43...Tc2 (g5) 44.Kg1 (Tc8) 44...Tc1+ (g5)
45.Kg2 h5 (Tc2) 46.Tc8 Tc2 (Kg7) 47.c7 (Kf1) 47...Ke7 (Ke6) 48.Tg8 Txc7
49.Tg7+ Kd6 50.Txg6+ Ke5 51.Th6 Tc2 52.Kf1 Tc1+ (f4) 53.Ke2 Th1 (f4) 54.Txh5
Ta1 (Tb1) 55.Th8 Ta2+ 56.Kf1 Kf6 57.Th6+ (Tf8+) 57...Ke5 (Kf7) 58.Tg6 (Tb6)
58...Ta1+ (Kd4) 59.Kg2 Ta2 (Ta8) 60.h5 e3 61.h6 exf2 62.Kf1 (Tb6) 62...f4
(Tc2) 63.g4 Ke4 64.h7 Ta1+ 65.Kxf2 Ta2+ 66.Kg1 Ta1+ 1-0

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