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Old August 11th 03, 08:09 PM
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Default white to move and win

"floris" schreef in bericht
8/p2P2K1/1pPP4/2p5/1p5P/p3Pk2/5p2/8 w - - 0 1

this is a dolgov-kuznetsov game from 1978 which i found in a newspaper as

White to move and win: how?


I doubt it originates from a game, but both chess players are known for
composing chess problems.

There are quite some lines which are good. to keeps things short I've tried
to explain only the start moves.
After those I assume the reader to be able to play and win the game easily
for white with one or two Queens vs none.

Looking at the problem, there is no problem notecing that both b&w should
promote their pawns to a queen.

Next step, it's no use for white to give a check. It only causes black to
gain an other free file of acces to harras the white King.
Protecting the e-pawn is a waist of time as is keeping black's a3 pawn at
bay of promotion.
Best play is advancing the c-6 or d-6 pawn. Choosing color (c = white c8-h3,
d = black d8-h4) or choosing open d-file?
I'll come to that later ....

Black can check white on a1, g1 and g2 where the white King plays Kh6 or Kf7
gaining tempo back and white has an other pawn on the 7th row!!!
So no sense for black waisting his tempo on that move. Ke2 or a2 would be
better. Ke2 would give black the open f-file for attack and a2 the potential

later ... continued .. one
stopping a2 is quite easy. Qf6+ Kg2(Ke2) d8=Q! a1=Q c7! a third Queen on the
way and the exchange of Queens is now a very bad trade off for black.
So for the a2 move, advancing the d-pawn to d7 is best. Not only that, black
effectively blocked possible checks for black.
(after trade of a1Q with f6Q black plays Qa6 to stop the c8 promotion, with
Ke2 the continuation is: Qf6+ Ke2 Qb2+ Kxe3 d8=Q a1=Q Qg5+ and after several
checks white can take the a1Q protected by his second Queen.)

later ... continued .. two
stopping Ke2. Black now has two open files to go for white's King and maybe
try promoting the a-pawn, plus the King is safely behind white's e-pawn.
Let's look again what black can do, before continuing.....

Black now can check on the g-file or the long diagonal, plus advancing the

3 things to stop in one move? (excluding previous explanation)
With black's King on e2, white can play for recapture on a2 with check,
keeping the tempo up.
Leaves two things ...
..... Qa1+ Kh7 Qb1+ Kh6 and black has run out of checks.
..... Qg1+ Kh7 Qa1+ Kh6 or .... Qg2+ Kh8 (Qxc7 assuming d7 as it fits well
with the first option where black plays a2)
again all lines giving white more and more tempo.

It's now just your choice what to do with your tempo gains
tempo1 ... move to c7 or d7?
tempo2 ... move Qd8 to ... ?
tempo3 ... move Q or promote?

tempo1 ....
d7 is best, with a2 advance or Ke2 hiding. White's open d-file and use of
the d8-h4 diagonal incombination with the long diagonal works best to stop
several possibilities of black.

tempo2 ....
With .... Qg1 or Qg2 you might try an exchange as you already have a second
pawn ready.
plus make ready for a2. this can be done with Qg8!
Plus it's a nice place to access the 2nd row to check black's King.

tempo3 ....
Completely depends on what black does.
After a trade off of the Queens white might advance the c-pawn, or maybe
promote the d-pawn, or reposition the Queen.

Best regards,

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Old August 20th 03, 04:28 AM
Hans Meier
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Default white to move and win

How to avoid endless checks by black queen?

8/p2P2K1/1pPP4/2p5/1p5P/p3Pk2/5p2/8 w - - 0 1

I see : 1. d8=Q f1=Q 2. Qf8+ Ke2 3. Qxf1+ Kxf1 4. d7 a2 5. d8=Q a1=Q+ 6.

Qe5 7. c7 and white wins


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