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Old July 6th 03, 01:51 AM
Jenö Nyerges
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Default Fatal blackouts during long games

Hello newsgroup

There is something that keeps puzzling me.Often I would lose slow
games against my computer or against humans on the ICC because I
suffer some kind of blackout after 2 or 3 hours of playing( I am
member of the Slow Time Control Bunch on ICC and we really play 90 30
games!)But this phenomenon also happened to me in OTB play: At some
point i lose all my focus, all overview of the position and blunder
horrible., espescially in tactical positions.After the game, maybe
only minutes I would recover and glance over the board with a grimace
of disgust.What a trivial blunder! How could I do this!.But when I was
still in the game I would simply fail to find the right move..starting
to calculate... losing track... starting over again.. getting
confused.. taking ages for that move and.... BLUNDER!.I hope I am not
the only 1400-ish player suffering from this "disease".In fact, I
pretty much believe that this loss of stamina and "chess power" is the
reason that I am 1400.Im looking forward to responses from players of
my level as well as to valuable advice from experienced tournament
players.Maybe there are some secret remedies...


Jenö Nyerges
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Old July 7th 03, 11:13 AM
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Default Fatal blackouts during long games

Another thing that might help you is a program suggested in the book Rapid
Chess Improvement. It is not very expensive and you will get much more
improvement quicker than with most chess books. It seems to be geared toward
your problem specifically.

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Old July 9th 03, 04:46 AM
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Default Fatal blackouts during long games


you are right about the endgame part.
its completely different from the middle game and openings.
usually i get a pawn up in the endgame against players 200 - 300 elo points
greater than me but still lose because of gifting them material.
the endgame requires lot of analysis as compared to the middle game.
probably thats why great players suggest learning good end game theory


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