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Default Take it from Ninja

On Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 11:10:25 PM UTC-8, Fritz Wuehler wrote:
On its anniversary, this story can and should now be told.

Many people asked why the patzer and evil ****er called Dylan
Loeb McCain, who ruined the NYT chess column of Robert Byrne
with his BS analysis (either wrong or taken straight from the
computer's screen), crap OTB play and petty hatreds born from
his own inadequacies at chess and life in general, had made
the mistake of allying himself with the pedophile rapist and
perjurer Sam Sloan, and of helping Sloan commit more crimes.

Sloan in his forties had attempted unsuccessfully to seduce
the underage Susan Polgar and even her much younger sister,
and never forgave Susan that she rebuffed him firmly. Decades
later the pedophile Sloan began a strategy of making internet
postings in his own name but spoofing the IP address so they
appeared to come from the computer of GM Susan's husband, all
so as that person, a leading businessman and chessplayer, not
a 1900 putz like Sloan, got framed.

In the process Sloan, a math dropout from UCB and a convicted
felon, managed to bankrupt the USCF via lawsuits and tried to
falsely implicate other people on its Board in the crimes he
had himself planned and committed.

While most people, including Judge Denny Chin, saw through
fraud, DC dismissing all actions with prejudice, and declared
as a matter of law that Sam Sloan was a ****wit, the piece of
**** called Dylan Loeb McCain continued to give Sloan support
through the chess columns of the New York Times. Instead of
being neutral or siding with the Women's World Champion, DLM
continued to pimp for Sloan the serial kiddie****er pedophile.

When supplied ample material to show Sam Sloan was the worst
type of predatory pedophile, who had bribed local LE to turn
a blind eye to the twice nightly rape of his own kid, the DLM
****er of a journalist still refused to end his support of
Sam Sloan. Article after article denigrating Susan and her
husband appeared in the Times, without one exposing the evil
and immoral nature of Sam Sloan.

There had to be a reason for this happening. Our committee to
investigate D.L. McCain - the same committee who succeeded in
getting the asshole fired from the Times - made many of its
own enquiries to determine why McCain helped Slimeball Sloan
get away with so many of his other crimes, including fraud,
forgery and racketeering.

We came up with one answer, and only one answer. McCain, whose
own private life is a disgrace, must have been blackmailed by
Sloan, who had narrowly escaped being charged with blackmail
back in his days with his pal clitlick (speciality service was
cunnilingus on six year olds).

The only thing we could come up with is that Sloan let McClain
**** Sloan's kid daughter, but kept video evidence of McClain
doing this. There is some evidence of roughly when and where
this must have taken place. There's a reason why Sloan "married"
a retard.

So McClain you dirtball do you confess? We give you one week to
come up with a reply, or else we take it to the cops.

You can have Kronenberger Burgoyne as your attorney. Neither
the USCF nor the NYT will be paying.

You are ****ed, McClain. Take it from a Ninja.

This post we know was written by Paul Truong. It is his style perfectly and nobody else would write this.

Truong hates Dylan McClain because Dylan published articles in the New York Times about the lawsuits that were started as a result the thousands of "Fake Sam Sloan" postings in which Truong impersonated me.

Sam Sloan
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