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pete johnson
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Default "winning with the grunfeld" by adorjan and dory isbn 0-02-016080-1

i am studying "winning with the grunfeld" by adorjan and dory isbn
0-02-016080-1. game 15, page 52 goes like this:
[Event student olympiad 1977]
[Site "?"]
[Date "1977"]
[Round "?"]
[White "baragar"]
[Black "vaganian"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.d4 Nf6
2.c4 g6
3.Nc3 d5
4.Nf3 Bg7
5.Qb3 dxc4
6.Qxc4 O-O
7.e4 a6
8.Qb3 c5
9.dxc5 Nbd7
10.c6 bxc6
11.Be2 Qc7
12.O-O Rb8
13.Qc2 c5
14.Nd2 Nb6
15.Nc4 Nxc4
16.Bxc4 Ng4
17.g3 Qe5

the book says that white must now lose a tempo on move 15 (and not play 15.
Nc4) since after the above game, black would stand better because of the
weakness of white's kingside. but Crafty shows white to be better by +1.98
with the following sequence of moves.

Depth: 11 Nodes: 16100899 (494955 n/s)
Sco +1.90 Time: 32.53 seconds
18. h3 Nf6 19. Bf4 Qd4 20. Bxf7+ Kxf7 21. Bxb8 Bxh3 22. Rfd1 Rxb8 23. Rxd4

my question is, if the authors had a program like crafty, would they have
written what they wrote? is this an error by the authors, uncovered by

(white played 15. h3 in the game)

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