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Paul Anderson
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Default Colorado Springs Chess Newsletter

A game taken from...

Colorado Springs Chess Newsletter

1.d4 A40: Unusual replies to 1 d4 1...e5 Looks like a strange form of
the Budapest Gambit without Nf6 first. [1...d5!?= should be examined
more closely] 2.dxe5+/= Nc6 3.Nf3 Trying to develope the kingside for
castling. I am not really worried about keeping my extra pawn. 3...d6
[3...Qe7 4.Qd5+/- ] 4.e4 I briefly looked at Bg5, however, I didn't
follow it far enough through to notice that I get to keep the extra
pawn and isolate his queen pawn! [4.Bg5 Be7 5.Bxe7 Qxe7 6.exd6 cxd6+/-
] 4...Bg4 [4...Qe7 5.Bg5 f6 6.exf6 Qxe4+ 7.Be2 gxf6 8.Nc3+/= ] 5.Bb5
[5.exd6!? Bxd6 6.Bb5+/- I would have been up a pawn, but behind in
development. Am I evaluating development to highly?] 5...dxe5= I spent
quite a few minutes on the forced sequence which follows. I figured
that the bishop pair was worth giving up in order to wreck black's
queenside pawn structure. 6.Bxc6+ bxc6 7.Qxd8+ Rxd8 It would be nice
to take e5, but a pawn is not worth getting mated. 8.Nbd2 Protects the
knight on f3 and blocks the d-file from the ugly mate threat. Now
black must protect e5. 8...f6 Prevents intrusion on e5+g5 9.Nb3
Starting my plan of controlling c5. Blockade and capture! 9...Bd6
Steve wants to castle and start an attack on the Kingside. This move
lends support to e5 so that he can expand with f5. 10.Be3 Controlling
c5 and attacking a7. 10...Ra8 Black decides to protect a7. I thought
that it might have been interesting to let the pawn on a7 go. Steve
could try to get his rooks on the half-open a and b-files. He could
then exert a significant amount of pressure on my position. As black,
I would have considered this approach. Especially if the dark-squared
bishop could control the a1-h8 diagonal. 11.Nfd2 My play is on the
queenside. I wanted to bring the knight over to help with an attack. I
was also a little worried that black may take on f3, ruining my
kingside pawn structure. Steve later said that he valued the bishop
pair more than ruining my pawn structure. 11...Be6 Keeps my knight out
of c4. It is a strong post for the bishop. 12.Nc5 The knight feels
good on c5 Attacking the bishop and blockading the c6 pawn. 12...Bf7
13.0-0 I don't know if castling was the best move. With the queens off
the board, my king may have been better off in the center. 13...Ne7
14.Rfd1 I want to control the d-file. Looking at the position again,
however, I don't have any infltration points. Ndb2 probably would have
been better. I started to get away from my original plan of capturing
c6. 14...f5 15.f3 0-0 16.c4 This was a weak move. I thought that I
could capture the pawn on c7, which I eventually did. Unfortunately,
it cost me my knight and subsequently the game. I should have played
Ndb7. 16...f4 Black gets more space 17.Bf2 g5 In the post mortem, I
suggested Kh8 with the idea of bring a rook to g8, and then maybe
doubling on the g-file. [17...a5!?+/= is an interesting idea]
18.Na6+/- Starting my ill-fated plan of capturing c7. 18...Ng6 19.c5
Be7 20.Nxc7? Throws away the advantage. Nb3 was much stronger! I saw
that I would lose the knight after I made the move. For some reason, I
missed the move a5, which will trap the knight. [=20.Nb3!?+/- ; Fritz
6: 20.Nb3 Bc4 (Fritz 6: 20...Bxb3 21.axb3 Rfd8 22.Rxd8+ Rxd8 23.Nb4
Rd2 24.Nxc6 Rxb2 25.b4 1.47/16; Fritz 6: 20...Rac8 21.Na5 Be8 22.Rd3
h5 23.Rad1 g4 24.b3 Rf6 25.a3 1.47/16) 21.Nxc7 Rac8 22.Na5 Be2 23.Ne6
Rf6 24.Rd2 g4 25.Ng5 1.25/16] 20...Rab8= 21.b3 Secures c4 [21.Nb3!?=
has some apparent merit] 21...a5=/+ Black threatens.... what? 22.Nc4
Bxc4 23.bxc4 Rb7?? weakening the position [=23...Rfc8 24.Ne6 Kf7
25.Nxg5+ Bxg5 26.Rd7+ Be7-+ ] 24.Ne6? What a lemon! I was so mad at
myself for losing a game that I should have won. Unfortunately, I
still had chances. Nd5! was the correct move, giving me connected
passed pawns on the fifth rank. This would have been ample
compensation for the knight being exchanged for two pawns! Suffice to
say, that I did not last long after Ne6? [=24.Nd5 is the best option
White has 24...cxd5 25.cxd5+/= This would have been a fun position to
play! Black would be hard-pressed to defend against the coming pawn
roller.] 0-1
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