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Old July 20th 03, 07:31 AM
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Default Shredder 7.04 UCI in different GUI's

the GUI, just a difference in speed. Could this account for the rating of
this engine as #1 on the recent SSDF list? Did they use the Classic

6 GUI in those tests?

[ I could get more specific with more details, but I don't want to. Take

word for it, or run some tests yourself! ]

Not sure how they test, it would be good to know but generally the GUI is
not supposed to have much impact on engine performance. If the GUI is
intensive, it consumes resources that otherwise should go to the engine,
causing some slow down.

As for getting more specific with details, you can't seriously expect people
to "take your word for it" -- not that I doubt this specifically, but you
should post at least 1 or 2 examples. It can't possibly be that difficult
to cut and paste the analysis windows, right?


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Old July 23rd 03, 10:01 PM
Odd Gunnar Malin
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Default Shredder 7.04 UCI in different GUI's

"Euc1id" skrev i melding
Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try, as best I can understand it. I get
the general idea, I think. I'm running Windows 98se. If there's some kind

system settings to control such things in W98se, I'm unaware of it.

I'm using the Shredder 7 GUI for the tests. I wonder if it would do the

thing to "Minimize" the Shredder screen, then presumably it can't be in


I don't think I have tested this on Win98 so I'm not sure if it have this
adjustement in the gui.
But instead of minimizing Shredder you could start a small app. like Notepad
and shrink the app so you see the Fritz/Shredder gui behind and can follow
the game.

But be aware that you have to pay attention to what happend with the
engines. If one engine don't ponder for a move this would give all the
cpu-power to the other engine for its move. This could give some
unpredictable results both good and bad. Good because it get more power and
bad because you disturb its timemanagement.

If you don't manage to see if these engines ponder all the time, maybe its
better to run your test with ponder off (permanent brain off). The engines
aren't designed to give their best here but I would guess that these mention
engines are tested under this condition to at least not lose on time.

Odd Gunnar

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