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Default Wake up and smell the sheesh kebab!

The western world is SOFT. You Westerners are a bunch of spoiled,
over-tolerant PUSSIES! I love what you and your religion stand for but
I hate how you seldom make a strong pro-active stand behind it!

The pope has the courage to speak up against violence embedded in Islam
and the whole frikkin muslim world comes together as one and rubbish
him. How many good Christians are rallying behind the pope? How many of
you faggots made your voice count? It's not just the west, take
practically any city in the world, it's the same old ****. The muslims
are full of zeal, the rest of the people couldn't care less. Of course
there are exceptions, I generalise but you know deep inside that these
are FACTS. They HATE us. They hate anyone who doesn't bow to Allah! If
they held the power you hold you today you would be six feet under. Or
you would be praying namaaz 4 times a day. When are the Western masses
going to fully comprehend the danger they face? The danger the whole
world faces? The next time that sweet old man says something, stand
behind him. Let them know that you can be roused too. That there are

Racial profiling... I am of Persian descent. But I talk of a Persia
before the conquerors came in and nearly destroyed one of the most
civilized races of the time. They were better at swinging axes, you
see. I could easily pass as an Arab to the unknowing Western eye. If I
catch a flight today chances are I will be given special treatment.
Guess what? I ****ING WELCOME IT! I'd rather endure a little
humiliation than get my ass blown up coz some over-sensitive egotistic
prick managed to put a stop to racial-profiling coz he felt victimized
coz he looks like a potential terrorist. I'd rather they check 10
swarthy Arab looking dudes than 300 large-breasted blonds (what's that
you're holding in your shirt maam!?) with pretty blue eyes. Why is the
"common man" always such a twit? A dumb SOB who doesn't want to work
with the system but will thrust in a monkey-wrench every chance he
gets! If you're an over-liberal wuss please consider this.

And vote Republican. Remember, Bush may not be the brightest guy on
the planet but offense is the best defense. A lot of what he says is
rhetoric but a lot of it makes sense. Appreciate what you have and
stand strong behind it. Don't be the guy who fires up Internet Explorer
and logs on to his MySpace to go "MICRO$$$OFT SUCKS!!"

Wrong group. Kiss my ass. You have bigger things to worry about right

OK. End rant. God Bless America! Damn, never thought I would say that.
God Bless your soldiers risking life and limb everyday for a whole
bunch of liberal ingrates. God Bless the sane, non-violent, fag-loving
world. God Bless Us All! Let's hope we don't pay the ultimate price.


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