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Old February 6th 04, 10:51 PM
Chuck in Minot
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Default Buster's loses 1st GM match, but plays well.

Buster is still very unstable, and DOS only at the moment, and no GUI yet,
but we got the engine going pretty well. Finally solved the issue of
checking empty positions for pieces to move, that was wasting a lot of CPU
time. Fine tuned a ton of stuff, and here is Buster's first match against a
hired GM, that plays all the way to an extended end game all the way to
checkmate. Hats off and a great thanks to GM Lerry for providing a
professional opponet for Buster for only $20.00. This game suprised us all,
and well just play it out. This is just like seeing you baby walk for the
first time. This was just amazing, and is a great example of why knowing
end game theory is vital. Buster does not yet, but was searching for the
best moves, but GM Lerry who is an absolute master of end game theory takes
Buster to school and just flat out smarted it. The team is going back to
work on a ton of stuff that Lerry thought could be fine tuned. We are
hoping to be able to have a stand alone DOS only beta test for Buster in
March. Well here is the game, and play it out if you want, but the end game
is fantastic, never seen something like this before, and we got our $20.00
worth for sure.

Buster GM Lerry
1. d2-d4 d7-d5
2. Ng1-f3 Ng8-f6
3. Bc1-g5 Nf6-e4
4. Bg5-h4 c7-c5
5. e2-e3 Qd8-b6
6. Qd1-c1 Nb8-c6
7. Bf1-e2 c5xd4
8. e3xd4 Nc6xd4
9. Nf3xd4 Qb6xd4
10. Be2-b5+ Ke8-d8
11. c2-c3 Qd4-b6
12. Nb1-a3 g7-g5
13. Bh4-g3 a7-a6
14. Bb5-d3 Bc8-f5
15. Bd3xe4 Bf5xe4
16. f2-f3 Be4-g6
17. Qc1-d2 Kd8-e8
18. O-O-O Ra8-d8
19. Qd2xg5 f7-f6
20. Qg5-f4 e7-e5
21. Qf4-a4+ Ke8-f7
22. Na3-c2 Bf8-h6+
23. Kc1-b1 Kf7-g7
24. Rh1-e1 Bh6-g5
25. h2-h4 Bg5-h6
26. Qa4-g4 Kg7-f8
27. h4-h5 Bg6xc2+
28. Kb1xc2 Rh8-g8
29. Qg4-h3 Rg8-g7
30. Kc2-b1 Rd8-d6
31. Qh3-h4 Rg7-c7
32. Bg3-f2 Qb6-b5
33. a2-a4 Qb5-b3
34. Qh4-b4 Qb3xb4
35. c3xb4 d5-d4
36. Re1-e4 Rc7-c4
37. Bf2-e1 Rd6-c6
38. b2-b3 Rc4-c1+
39. Rd1xc1 Rc6xc1+
40. Kb1-b2 d4-d3
41. g2-g3 Rc1-c2+
42. Kb2-b1 Rc2-h2
43. f3-f4 e5xf4
44. g3xf4 d3-d2
45. Be1xd2 Rh2xd2
46. Re4-c4 Kf8-e7
47. b4-b5 a6xb5
48. a4xb5 Ke7-d8
49. Rc4-a4 Kd8-d7
50. Ra4-a7 Kd7-c7
51. Ra7-a4 f6-f5
52. b5-b6+ Kc7xb6
53. Ra4-b4+ Kb6-a6
54. Rb4-c4 Rd2-h2
55. Rc4-a4+ Ka6-b6
56. Ra4-b4+ Kb6-a7
57. Rb4-a4+ Ka7-b8
58. Ra4-d4 Rh2xh5
59. Kb1-c2 Rh5-h4
60. Rd4-d5 Rh4xf4
61. Rd5-d7 Rf4-f2+
62. Kc2-b1 Rf2-g2
63. Rd7xh7 Bh6-e3
64. Rh7-e7 f5-f4
65. Re7-f7 Rg2-g3
66. Kb1-c2 f4-f3
67. Kc2-d3 Be3-b6
68. Kd3-c4 f3-f2
69. Rf7-f4 Rg3-g4
70. Rf4xg4 f2-f1Q+ I'm going to check it to death
71. Kc4-b4 Qf1-e1+ This is over
72. Kb4-a3 Qe1-a1+
73. Ka3-b4 Qa1-a5+
74. Kb4-c4 Qa5-c5+ You can run but can't hide.
75. Kc4-d3 Qc5-f5+
76. Kd3-d2 Qf5xg4 Time to end this...
77. Kd2-c3 Qg4-d4+
78. Kc3-c2 Qd4-e4+ Lerry Possible Mate in 10
79. Kc2-d2 Bb6-e3+ Lerry Possible Mate in 7
80. Kd2-c3 Be3-c1 Lerry Its over, Mate in 3
81. b3-b4 b7-b5 Lerry Mate in 2
82. Kc3-b3 Qe4-c4+ GM Lerry Wins!!!!!!

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