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Default VOTE FOR Sam Sloan for USCF Executive Board

VOTE FOR Sam Sloan for USCF Executive Board

I have only been on the board ten months, but I have become the
financial watchdog because I am the only board member who is watching
the money. We completed the fiscal year on May 31 and there has been
another huge loss. Other board members are now telling you that we are
in the black. This is a Lie. When the real audited numbers come out in
August after this election will have been held, they will tell you how
terribly surprised they are that there is another big loss, making it
ten losses in the last twelve years. Do not believe them. You should
throw the bums out now!!!

Included in their reported revenues is $104,000 in imaginary money,
money that was spent or lost years ago. They have not transferred even
one dime to the Life Member Assets account this fiscal year.

I played in my first USCF rated tournament, the North Carolina Open,
in 1956. As a tournament player for more than 50 years, just about
everybody in chess knows me or has heard my name. Unlike certain other
candidates, I am not trying to make money from being on the board. I
am just trying to keep the USCF in business a bit longer by stopping
these huge annual losses.

The USCF has annual revenues of $3.2 million, down from $6.5 million
at its peak. $3.2 million is enough for us to live very well. Yet, the
USCF has lost money for 9 of the last 11 years. There is no excuse for

Most of the other candidates and continuing board members are
insiders, the same people who were there when the USCF lost $2
million. Since I was elected to the board, I have been fulfilling a
campaign promise to examine the books and records in detail to find
out how and why we lost this money. I have exposed corruption and
improper payments. One board member was forced to resign because of my

I have opened doors to the inner sanctum, revealing secrets the
insiders did not want revealed. I have received an award for "Shining
Light on the United States Chess Federation 2007". I have been
reprimanded and censured by the other board members for revealing
insider secrets so many times that I have lost count.

I have only one vote on the board. I have not been able to stop the
improper payments and the financial hemorrhaging. In meetings with the
board, I have consistently advocated specific changes that must be
made RIGHT NOW to stop losses by increasing revenues and reducing
expenses. Other board members say it is POLITICALLY UNACCEPTABLE to
make any changes now and this must wait until after the election.

AFTER THE ELECTION will be too late!!

Vote Against Slates

There is one slate running in this election and possibly one anti-
slate slate. Slates are dangerous because if one Gang-of-Four gets
elected they can freeze out the other three board members and do
anything they want to your federation. This has happened in years past
and is one reason why the USCF is in dire trouble today.

I urge you not to vote for any candidate who is a member of a slate.
Since the USCF has lost $2 million since 1999 and has suffered another
huge loss this fiscal year, I urge you to reject any candidate who
could have done more to stop these losses. That includes every member
of the present board except for me because I have consistently voted
against and exposed wasteful expenditures. In addition, you should
vote against any candidate who has a history of taking or receiving
money from the USCF. Take a look at the list of candidates and see who
has been getting money from your federation.

There are three candidates other than myself who have NEVER been in a
position to waste your money and have never taken a dime of your
money. I urge you strongly to consider voting for them. They are, in
addition to myself, Joe Lux, Mike Goodall and Stephen Jones. We are
not by any means a slate but if you investigate the other six
candidates you will find good reasons why they should not be elected.

I have specific plans and programs which I believe will bring
prosperity back to the USCF. I am available by phone or email to
discuss this with any member at any time. Are you going to give the
USCF a chance to prove that it can be done? Or, are you going to
return control of your federation to the same crusty curmudgeons who
lost your $2 million in the first place?

Sam Sloan

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