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Old March 13th 04, 12:03 AM
David Richerby
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Default Is Fritz 6 worth it?

[ Let's move this over to ]

R. Paul Martin wrote:
I see that Fritz 8 is $35 on Amazon and I'm wondering. One of the
reviews on amazon said that it Fritz 8 was buggy and saving a played
game or position was very difficult. Is this the case?

Saving a played game or position is a matter of choosing `File | Save'.
It's trivial.

As for bugs, I've noticed lots of small bugs in the user interface but the
only one that would affect `just playing chess' is that entering moves on
the keyboard is liable to get you the wrong move. (An example would be
that, if you have your rooks on a1 and c1, a pawn on a3 and a3 and b1 are
clear, typing `Rab1' will cause the move `Ra2' to be entered after the
second character as the interface mistakenly thinks that is the only move
whose text starts `Ra'.) It's fine with the mouse and I've not connected
to ChessBase's website to download the updates, which may fix this kind of


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Old March 13th 04, 12:11 AM
David Richerby
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Default Is Fritz 6 worth it?

[ -- ]

Alan O'Brien wrote:
I bought it full price but I found it to be a bit crap.
Two things I noticed:
S'pose you have a game of 120 moves, but the only good bit is the moves
30 to 40 - you can't just analyse them - you have to analyse the lot.

From the Fritz GUI (*not* the database GUI), choose Tools | Analysis |
Full analysis. In the dialogue box, set the `Last move' to 40 and it'll
start analyzing there, working towards the start of the game, as usual.
This option isn't in the dialogue you get from the database window; I've
no idea why...

Then the shootout -as it's called. I just want to analyse a set
position, but I can't - I have to set up all these opponent parameters
and all that ********.

I've never been entirely sure of the point of shootout and the help files
are as woeful as usual on the topic. Could anyone enlighten me? As for
setting opponent parameters, it's hardly difficult to choose OK to the
default settings.


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Old March 13th 04, 11:29 PM
Benjamin Jordan
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Default Is Fritz 6 worth it?

Paul, if you send me an e-mail at I'll hook you up
with the old demo version of fritz6 (can only play the first 20 moves of a
game). Use that to decide if it's worth your money. - Benjamin

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