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Default ChessGenius 3 (DOS) now freeware

ChessGenius 3 (DOS) is now freeware and can be downloaded he

CG3 works fine in WinXP. Notice how strong it is, and how attractive
the interface is. Its style of play is rather intelligent. It is a
quite fast engine which is suitable for analysis. The opening tree
handles transpositions. It is ideal for designing one's own
repertoire. However, I noticed that Empty.bok is missing from the
download. This file is necessary in order to create user books. In
order to create a user book, just copy Empty.bok, give it a proper
name, and start storing variants in it. You can download Empty.bok

As there is no manual included I can mention the following. One can
use 'Game-Clipboard' and 'Clipboard-game' when analysing in order to
get back to an earlier position. It's possible to create different
styles of play. After designing a style you may store it using 'Save
game and settings', giving it a proper name, like "Passive", for

The opening book management is sophisticated. One can use 'Autoload
books'. The following is an excerpt from the manual.

ChessGenius displays the name of the opening line and the name of the
autoloaded opening book in the title of the Analysis window. These
features are controlled by the file 'bookname.txt' in the genius
directory. Experienced users can add new opening names and control the
autoloading of books by editing this file with a text editor. Note:
Always keep a backup of 'bookname.txt' before editing it. If there are
any illegal moves or format errors then the program will be unable to
use 'bookname.txt'

*Adding an opening name* For example, if the following line is added
to bookname.txt: +e2e4 e7e5 h2h4 {John Smith opening{Johann Schmidt}
The program will call the opening 'John Smith opening' if the English
language is selected or 'Johann Schmidt' if the German language is

*Autoloading an opening book* For example, if the following line is
added to bookname.txt: +e2e4 e7e5 h2h4 [smith.bok] If the 'autoload
books' option in Chess options is selected then the program will try
to find moves from the opening book file 'genius5\book\smith.bok'
whenever the line e2e4 e7e5 h2h4 has been played.

CG3 is a superb program despite its relative simplicity (or maybe just
because this). It can read Cbf files (old ChessBase format). This
means that it's perfect for studying the latest games from TWIC. The
only thing lacking, I think, is the capability to search for chess
games, e.g. a certain player, etc. However, this can be achieved with
the freeware Cbexport.exe (downloadable from the Internet). It works
in the DOS-window in WInXP. At the DOS-prompt one types CBEXPORT
-name=Spassky MAINBASE.CBF. A new file is then created, Cbexport.cbf,
which contains all Spassky games. It's also possible to create all
kinds of game searches using bat-files.

The conclusion is that these two free downloads, Cg3 and Cbexport, is
all that one really needs when studying chess. CG3 is listed as a
museum software, but the truth is that it's a very useful tool.
Although the hash tables are bigger when running directly under DOS,
this engine, running on a modern computer, is quite powerful and
intelligent. It beat Kasparov in London 1994 in a 25' rapid game.


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