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Default Bill Gates vs. Richard Stallman

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Kenneth Sloan wrote:

Guy Macon wrote:

... That was the way things were in the early days
of computing before that first coder decided that he
"owns" the code he wrote. That code was Altair BASIC,

Anyone who believes that this was anywhere near the
"early days of computing" is a hopeless newbie.

Straw man or lack of reading comprehension?

Nowhere in the above paragraph did I set a lower bound on
the period when software was free. I just set an upper
bound of 1975~1976.

If you had asked rather than assuming without evidence, I would
have told you that I consider the start of the time period in
which nobody owned software to have started either some time
after 1833 when Ada Byron-King met professor Babbage, or in
1941, when Konrad Zuse ran the very first program on the very
first programmable computer. Which date one accepts depends
on how one defines "software" -- is it really software if no
machine can run it, or is it just design notes?

Also, if you had asked, I would have told you that I consider
the difference between early computing and more modern computing
to be a matter of progress made, not years passed. Pretty much
nothing happened between the Difference Engine and Analytical
Engine and the Zuse Z3, things started slowly with Colossus and
Atanasof–Berry, and they didn't really start to take off until

I got my start on the NCR Century 50 (remember NEAT/3? it was a
sure bet to displace COBOL and FORTRAN...) and DEC PDP-8, and was
an engineering technician for the Perkin-Elmer/Wangco clones of the
IBM 30/30 Winchester drive. That's the one that caused IBM to keep
changing the interface of the System/360 so as to make the clone
drives incompatable.

I do believe that takes me out of the "hopeless newbie" category.

Guy Macon

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