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Default Mark Nibbelin, SteveTN still defend the Fake Sam Sloan

Over on the USCF Forums, Mark Nibbelin (who is one of those religious
nuts) plus Steve Owens ("Steve of Tennessee") have been defending the
Fake Sam Sloan on the ground of that the Real Sam Sloan is just as

Someone has pointed out that this is like saying that a rape victim
deserved to be raped because she was wearing revealing clothing.

The debate rages on. Here is a recent posting:

Originally Posted by mnibb
Originally Posted by Mulfish
Steve, let's assume for sake of
argument that the RSS is universally acknowledged as far worse than
the FSS. Please explain to me exactly what that changes in our
assessment of how to deal with the FSS (or any other way you perceive
that assessment to be relevant). I'm not seeing it. To me this is
rather analogous to defending the rapist by saying the victim was a
whore or that by her attire she was asking for it.
Does it matter if RSS posts the following on his web site

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and so I
am not really insulted when somebody imitates my style or publishes or
posts a parody of me.

Some of them are rather good, such as those by "SlamStoan" which
appear from time to time in the newsgroup

Here are parodies of me:

Sam goes on and posts several of the "parodies" where foul language
and worse are used.
This is absolutely not true. Most of those parodies were written by
Bruce Draney, who was also a candidate for election to the USCF
Executive Board, and were signed by him. None of those parodies
contained dirty words, foul language or obscenities, which are the
trademarks of the postings by the Fake Sam Sloan.

Once again, it is obvious that Mark Nibbelin has never actually read
the postings by either the Real Sam Sloan or the Fake Sam Sloan. The
above quote was copied from another poster. Mark Nibbelin is like the
man in the TV add who, when asked to stick a pin in the map for China,
puts the pin in the map for Greenland instead.

Sam Sloan

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Old November 6th 07, 11:17 AM posted to,,alt.chess,,
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First recorded activity by ChessBanter: May 2006
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Default Mark Nibbelin, SteveTN still defend the Fake Sam Sloan

Originally Posted by sdo1
Originally Posted by samsloan
Originally Posted by sdo1
in fact, Sloan is on
record as saying he will "destroy the USCF to save" it.
Where did SteveTN get that quote from? I do not recall writing any
such thing.

When you go around putting false quotes in quotation marks, you are
hardly much better than Chris Falter (who did the same thing) or The
Fake Sam Sloan.

The Real Sam Sloan
Quotation marks are used to paraphrase as well as quote, Sam. This
has been explained to you before. Do you wish to speak regarding a
TRUE "false quoting" which is what you did in your cut and paste
during the "wetlands" non-issue a couple years back? That was false

My paraphrasing refers to discussions where it has been pointed out
that your law suits have the potential to destroy the USCF and you
claim that you are using this destructive tactic to save the USCF from
Steve OWENS in Tennessee
Steve in Tennessee is wrong. Quotation marks are never used to

Here, Steve of Tennessee has finally admitted that the quote he
provided of me is completely false and I never wrote those words or
anything like it. More than that, Steve of Tennessee admits that it
was a paraphrase of words somebody else (not me) had written. Also,
Steve of Tennessee refers to a "wetlands" quote from 2005. However,
that was an accurate direct quote. Steve of Tennessee actually wrote
those exact words. He does not deny it. His complaint is that they
were applied to a different situation than the one he was writing

Steve of Tennessee has been attacking me every day even on my own
email group since 2002. Knowing this, Bill Hall and Bill Goichberg
appointed Steve of Tennessee to be a moderator of the USCF Forum
believing that he would use this power to delete my postings. That
proved to be mistaken because Steve of Tennessee did not want to
delete my postings. He wanted to use the postings as a basis to attack
me. Steve of Tennessee resigned soon thereafter when he realized that
Bill Hall and Bill Goichberg wanted to use him as a patsy.

I have in fact referred to this in my lawsuit. Bill Hall and Bill
Goichberg have appointed a series of moderators to this group for the
express purpose of moderating Sam Sloan to prevent me from posting
here. These include the only two remaining moderators, Herbert Rodney
Vaughn and Tim Sawmiller, plus FOC members like Louis Blair plus
resigned moderators and FOC members SteveTN, Gregory Alexander and a
few others. The most disappointing appointment from their point of
view was an FOC member whom they thought would oppose me but who
virtually switched sides after being appointed.

Sam Sloan

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